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I was using my iPad to listen to the podcasts using iOS 6.0 and the built in Safari app and normally it is fine but when I try to click on both of the podcast links from the drop down menu on the site banner, it goes to a page instead. I am not sure what is going on but I don't think it is an issue on my end because when I click on the link on the main page that goes directly to a specific podcast, it works normally.

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I thought Suicide Squad 20 was a great cover this week.

@alforeigner: That was a great one.

Why is this in bold? The button is off...

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I wonder if Sanctuary will tell them about some possibly real cake next?

Am I the only person who liked Power Girl's new costume, I mean I like the old one is great and everything but the new one wasn't bad just a different. It is not like she wore it much anyway...

@sora_thekey said:

Has this book always been this fun?? 'Cause I might've been missing out.

No It has been a bit more serious. This is the first issue with Micheal Alan Nelson as the writer instead of Mike Johnson and it definitely has a much lighter tone. That being said, the first 20 issues are really good but mostly lack the humor here and are more angst-filled by focusing on the fact that she is a teenager from another planet. It is probably my favorite series in the entire New 52

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The series needs a consistent creative team. Levitz is alright, if not slowly paced and Kevin Maguire has some really excellent art work but having the three artist rotation with different artists every other month is really frustrating to see because until recently, all of the art was very different.

One thing that is really dragging the book down is the whole meta-story arc of the pair trying to fight Darkseid. It doesn't work because a) they are in a different universe; and b) they literally cannot do it. Worlds' Finest is far to unpopular to have Darksied, someone who thrashed the Justice League, show up. That means that no matter what the story does, it will ultimately go nowhere. That being said an easy way to have the series improve would be for Levitz to simply end the meta-arc, it hasn't gone anywhere is 12 issues and has not been well received either, just bite the bullet, end it, and move on to something better.

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I liked the Lethal Weapon style dialogue that ventured closer to action comedy, it was a nice change of pace for a superhero movie. I liked the kid too, but was not too enthusiastic about the Mandarin twist.

This movie was kind of like Thor where it went a bit more character based and tried to shake up the superhero move formula and while it didn't always succeed, it was really good and a nice change of pace as opposed to constant explosions and beating up villains.

I kind of wish that they didn't resolve the Extremis-Pepper plot, that would be a great plot for Iron Man 4 and even hint at Rescue or something but it is understandable that they didn't because Iron Man 4 will probably come out in 2016, which sucks.

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@akbogert: I would think that if a retcon happens it would be within a year or two at most. Long enough to make the series "count" but not long enough to make it feel permanent. I bet it would be sooner, especially if Brian Micheal Bendis wants any of them since he is writing the two main X-books. It might make you happy to know that Arena is losing readers at a fairly steady, if not very fast, rate.

@ravager4: Well then it sounds like 18 is going to be my last issue unless they get someone I really like.

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I want the new show to be in the Legacy Era because I love the era but I don't because I don't want to see the story and characters ruined.

To be clear, I don't hate Disney's buy out, I simply don't have the confidence that a movie every other year will have high quality, especially if it is straight to DVD. A TV show is different but to many things like that going on at the same time will destroy continuity and ruin one of the things that makes Star Wars special.

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Great post. I kind of wish I could give up on Arena too but ultimately I can't... (sad face)

That is interesting about the issue 18 thing. If the winner/survivors are coming to light then, unless they give a "consequences" arc the series is over, which is good. Unless they start again with new characters, in which case I am done with it too; but that is a whole blog in and of itself.

I have also come to believe that this whole series will end up being retconned because the opportunity for Marvel to make money off Laura, the Runaways and the Academy kids is just too much to let them die/stay dead.

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@thanosrules said:


Why not these:

  • Elizabeth / Brian / Jaime Braddock
  • Johnny / Sue Storm
  • Franklin / Valeria Storm
  • Daken / X-23
  • Apocalypse Twins

lol :)

If only. I hope Fox doesn't own their movie rights.

As for Scarlet Witch and Quicksliver, I would only like that if it wasn't their Ultimate versions, that would be awful.

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