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Is there really She-Hulk + Rogue prose novel? What is it called? That sounds like it could be cool.

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It was really only a matter of time, both parties played hardball. Marvel put themselves in the situation because of the contract they gave him for the first one, obviously he wouldn't take a worse contract and Marvel Studios/Disney wanted to keep more. Eventually the studio would have to relent, it was just about squeezing the last penny out of each other.

Am I the only person who thinks that the only Iron Man appearances from now on will be in Avengers films? Marvel Studios has said they will only put out two films a year so with all of the franchises they are trying to start, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, etc., one is bound to be a hit, maybe not Iron Man big but enough to make a trilogy. That leaves little room for even a reboot of Iron Man, which would be at least five to seven years away at best.

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@sasquatch888: Well that sucks I guess, it was different and I liked it. I agree that that Angela part was a little weird, It felt like it was added at the end for little reason because the Galactus part was at least Bendis related. I am not sure who she is but I doubt she will make it into Guardians 1 except maybe in passing.

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Well apparently I was the only person who liked this series. I like this review but I think the issue was a 4 out of 5 for sure, and the series as a whole was too.

There was a lot of action and mystery involved and it really was cool seeing the characters in such a bleak setting that is more than a what-if. The plot direction changes were a nice way to change up the way the story was told.

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This week I think I am most excited for Artifacts 28.

Superman Unchained, Superboy, Suicide Squad, and Uncanny X-Force are close behind though.

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This issue was nothing more than pure disrespect to the characters and their stories apparently for the sake of Hopeless giving the finger to people who don't like the book.

Thank you for an accurate review.

Check out mine.

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@soumya said:

@hart7668 said:

Two words: Lazarus Pit

or may be Samsara Serum

That could lead to some insane developments if the Suicide Squad was revealed to the DCU at large. That has so much potential to be epic.

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Highlight of the issue: The Invisible Jet!

Overall this was a solid issue. Those Martian Manhunter back ups are really great.

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I hope this is as great as the series this replaced. His run was a little choppy story arc to story arc but the overall story was great.