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@undeadpool (though OTHER setups aren't handled as well)

I see what you did there.

Spot on review, I would have given it a 4.5 though (I know you can't, I would have rounded down too). I think it leads to a nice mystery to it though and has an interesting enough lead in to the secret wars tie in to make it worthwhile.

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Hello everyone.

Long time listener second time question-er (?)

I have noticed, and I am sure others have too, the differences between Marvel's and DC's styles when it comes to quote-unquote cannon and continuity. While I am more of the good story trumps continuity, it seems that DC makes everything count always no matter what and Marvel has more of a it-was-popular-so-it-counts (Civil War, World War Hulk) and it-wasn't-popular-so-ignore-it mentality (Original Sin, Age of Ultron...). do you prefer one style to another? Personally I prefer Marvel.

Another related question I have is that given the Marvel crossover history since 2005 (when House of M came out) and now with Axis recently ending; if someone only read the crossovers, what would they think of the Marvel Universe or comics in general? I know several people who only read trades and that got me thinking since the event trades are always so flashy.

Here are the major crossovers by year: 2005 House of M, 2006 Civil War, 2007 World War Hulk, 2008 Secret Invasion, 2009 Fall of the Hulks(?) (Light year I guess), 2010 Seige, 2011 Fear Itself, 2012 Avengers vs. X-Men, 2013 Age of Ultron and Infinity both, 2014 Original Sin and AXIS. There are others but these are the main ones. Here is a link to the Wikipedia page if you are curious:

Thanks for taking the questions.

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@pspin: Isn't X-force being cancelled? More unemployed mutants.

I don't know but it wouldn't surprise me. It seems that all of the smaller, different books get cancelled. Which sucks because X-force is so good.

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This looks pretty good. The last run was good, not as good as Uncanny X-force but still good. It is a nice alternative to Hickman's stuff. Plus the return of Brother Voodoo is a nice touch that was one thing I didn't like about the end of the Bendis run killing off so many characters

Maybe they put can Hope to work (haven't done anything with her since Teen Jean showed up) or maybe Nate Grey/Cable?

On the Avengers side has Hercules gotten his powers back yet? Could use some more muscle!

Hope has been in Si Spurrier's X-Force and it has been really good.

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As someone who isn't reading futures end, this is very confusing...

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I loved the original secret wars. It was the first trade I ever bought. Here is hoping this holds up to that.

I pretend the others didn't happen...

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Caps broken shield looks just like in Secret Wars when Dr. Doom tries to kill everyone with the Beyonder's power.

This trailer was epic!

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This looks really cool. When does Spider-verse start?