James Bond Comics

The new Skyfall trailer came out today and it looked pretty awesome and gives me high hopes for that movie. James Bond is a classic and timeless character that just keeps going and going. Ian Fleming wrote 14 James Bond books and when Skyfall comes out this November it will be the 23rd Bond film. Clearly James Bond is a sales juggernaut that will continue to sell.

Since James Bond and 007 are instantly recognizable and everyone knows them by sight and knows the theme song, comics would be a great medium for Bond It could provide back story for him like from his younger years or show what happens to other agents since other 00's are mentioned but the only one shown was 006 in Goldeneye (I believe). An ongoing series would be a great way to show how the various (and sometimes over the top) villains became who they are, Jaws in particular would be interesting. Heck, they could even show what happens to the Bond Girls or other supporting characters when the movie is done. The movies leave what happens to supporting characters largely unaddressed and comics would provide a great way for a large and mostly established universe to expand even more.

In short a James Bond ongoing could be really good, a classic character combined with action, espionage and of course the Bond Girls combines for a great story. I would buy it, what do you think?

Posted by Jorgevy

I think it might be a nice idea.

just no Daniel Craig please