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I understand Storm has almost near, if not complete, immunity to the weather. The weather is in essence her and her the weather. The are in tune with one another. She can channel all forms of weather from her body or redirect them. Her body allows her to adapt to all weather forms (Cold, heat, lightning, ect) so my question is how does she fly high into the sky when their is hardly any oxygen or how does she not go blind from some of her large lightning bolts as well as deaf from channeling them? How does she deal with the loud noises of some of her more extreme weather? Can you help me out?

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Storm is the mistress of the elements and is a very formidable foe woth a vast aray of attacks while the Invisble woman too is formidable with her force fields; who wins? I say Storm because her connection with the enviornment. . .she can feel the disturbance of a force field and she is fast but i think sue can hold a very good fight

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This isn't a battle it's from what I observe. Storm has some impressive feats. Her connection to her environment is, in my opion,most formidable. She understand's how that words and she does set restrain on herself when using her powers. Thor is highly impressive but I do think storm could get to near his level. Thor's weather is mystical ad magical in nature, storm had some magical abilities she needs to tune into. Couldn't she boost her weather with that?

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She created unnatural weather in World's Apart and in a few other instances. I think she is vet capable just chooses not to like she said in World's Apart.

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So this may sound crazy but I know Thor is hell of a god. His powers trump Storm's but my question is are the so outmatched? Someone brought up to me Storm never goes outside the natural order to prevent any unpredictable backlash or consequences to earth; Thor however has no regard for the natural order and does as he pleases. If Storm were to break from her mental constraints of her empathy to the ecosystem could she become more powerful? If that makes any sense.

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Hey so yes you're going to hate me but I'm doing a Strom vs Thor debate, I know it's been done before but I don't feel people give Storm a fair chance. Yes I'm a tad bit biased but I truly believe if Strom tried her hardest, becoming one with the elements breathing fire and Ice she has a CHANCE. I don't think it's a total cumberstomp. Thor yes is indeed much more powerful than the mutant, he has more impressive feats, and yes he is a god but storm always suprises people. First off she has a natural connection with the environment she's in. The weather isn't something she simply controls but it's something that responds to her emotions and desires subconsciously. Her and the weather are one, and its apparet Thor isn't one with the weather he merely controls it in a superior manor, that connection is vital. Secondly, I feel Storm if she reaches her full potential she would have not only the weather, but all forms of energy to her disposal. This isn't a storm trumps thor. I'm saying that the possibility is greater than those presume.

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So I have a question, since Marvel is bringing all the movies into one to form the avengers where does that leave the X-men and Spiderman? Do the X-men and mutants in general not exist in this world and only the avengers do, or do they some how fit into their world? And what about spiderman I was just wondering about that. Somewhere in Iron man Wakanda is shown on a map and that is ruled by Storm and the Black Panther so I just want some thoughts. Thank you for replying