Marvel Kids

The Children of Marvel's Superheroes and supervillains.

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Posted by Xarus

Great list!

Posted by Blackreverend

It would be awesome if they were in order by reality...

Posted by Shoe

cool list, I love second Gen heroes!

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Modi Thorson son of Thor and Hela Earth-1610

Posted by SpiderFan1


Posted by SpiderFan1

Two things. Victor is Vision's brother not son. Ultron is Victor's father. Second Morwen isn't Loki's daughter.

Posted by JROCK72

Isn't Patriot the son of the black Captain America.

Posted by Deadknight

Are you sure about #260 on your list: Rock Hudson - son of Apocalypse & Famine? The description sounds like it's from Holocaust, and the person himself doesn't even seem to be a Marvel character.