Apocalypse: Survival of the Fittest

A list of Apocalypse, his family, his followers, his horsemen and other agents. This list will be organized chronologically from Apocalypse's birth till the present, followed by Alternate reality characters.

List items

Posted by Xarus

Good list! I love Apocalypse. List seems incomplete though.

Posted by Providence
@Xarus: Thank you and I'm aware the list is incomplete. That's because I'm still working on it. Hope you enjoy the finished product. =)
Edited by BrotherEye

Awesome list! I love everything Apocalypse and this is a good one!

Posted by kid Apollo

great list!! but wheres Genocide(616 holocaust look-alike)? oh and Cyclops was once bonded with Apocalypse, after saving X-man from the same fate

Posted by Providence

@kid_apollo: Thanks a lot. I still need to update the list and organize it. Thanks for suggesting Cyclops. I've added him along with all of the Twelve since they were an important aspect.

Unfotunately regarding Genocide, he was originally on the list when his page existed but the moderators of the site decided to merge his page with Holocaust because they consider him to be the same character. I disagree and would have kept them separate because we don't know who Holocaust's mother is. Also Holocaust as Nemesis had blond hair, Apocalypse had black and Autumn Rolfson had dark brown/black hair so he might me a different person.

Posted by BrotherEye

There is also the Children of the Sun who are a sect that was founded to help Apocalypse and were seen during the Twelve story.