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@illo_29: Then he has a really girly name too. So then he'll never be able to write a good script!

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Seeing as its the writer of the two worst DC movies ever (Yes even worse than Superman IV), I'm sceptical. If only because she also wrote some very good things as well and she may do a better job this go-round. I also doubt that it'll have cyborg in it seeing as it seems DC is doing their best to avoid putting people who are in the movies in TV shows (hence why I doubt flash or green arrow will be on the big screen for the foreseeable future and why they didn't just make gotham about batman). So it's got that working against it already. But if they make it like a combination of the wolfman comic as well as the 2003-ish cartoon, then I think it'd explode like gangbusters and people would say that DC and Marvel might be at equal footing in terms of non comic media.

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Wasn't batman already a character of the month last year though?…….

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I'm super impressed by how much love the new creative team (the artist at least) has for ellis and shalvey's short run. I wan't going to because I thought this'd be a great jumping off point (since I read too many comics already) but I hate to miss a good comic so I'm definitely going to check this out now

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I could care less for most of them. But that rocket one looks TOIGHT

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I was overall pretty bummed by the severe lack of announcements made this year at SDCC. I mean, legendary had the best announcements and those were just that certain characters would be in the next godzilla movie. Don't get me wrong i'm sure the con was really fun, but I'd of hated to be standing in line all day just to hear a bunch of things we either already know, or were expecting (Guardians 2, josh brolin as thanos, mood of ultron, etc.). I was hoping DC would announce who will be playing shazam or dr. strange from marvel but I guess those cards just didn't fall in line. Ah well, all the panels that marvel has been posting on their youtube page have been pretty cool.

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I severely doubt the guardians show will be good… but because I am Groot fanatic, I will watch at least the first five episodes (Evolution of a show y'all)

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Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this book, and by that I mean I REALLLYYYYY love this book. But the art in this issue seems a little too clunky. Maybe its the inking, but star lord's jaw just looks a little bit too much like a rectangle to me

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Anyone else think it was weird how mama murdock is basically made into the nun from Orange is the new Black? Because I certainly did….