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Posted by Monarch_Chronicle

That's wonderful!

I like (almost as a spider web) how the venom is ensnaring his 'human portion :)

But that is just what I see

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OK - I got to ask - do you do this stuff using like a Wacom tablet or something? I know NOTHING about digital art but would love to get into as the results I've seen form some people are just amazing (including this one).

Posted by ProofPudding

@wishiwassuperman: Yes I use a Wacom intuos tablet. My program of choice it photoshop to do all my digital paintings. There is a bit of a learning curve but once you get the hang of it becomes seconded nature. If you are just wanting to try it out to see if you like it I recommend taking a look at the Wacom Bamboo tablets, half the price of the Intuos.

@monarch_chronicle: Thank you.

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Added the first WIP.

Posted by BumpyBoo

This is so....awesome.....


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Woah! Nicely done! Wish there was more form in it. Kinda seems like a blob on the left side but I guess that's the point huh?

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@arinya: Thank you for checking out my stuff, I did leave the Venom side with a little less detail because it is mid transformation. I may do a full body Venom pic soon.

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@bumpyboo: Glad you like it :), Thank for taking the time to check it out.

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