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The one in the middle is Jackie Estacado? who is the guy at Lion - O's back?

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@IcePrince_X: Thanks,

Yes, as the Darkness and the one in the back is Haunt.

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Love it dude. Especially the Lion-O. Very nice. :)

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@ZZoMBiE13: Thank you. Glad you like it.

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I'd love to see you do individual pieces with each of these characters. Especially Ghost Rider.

Do I have your Deviant Art address? If I'm not following you on DA I'd be happy to start. Here's mine if you're interested: http://zzombiexiii.deviantart.com/

Hit me up next time you're on DA and I'll add you to my watch list. :)

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great work lol this would be 1 hell of a crossover book lol

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Awesome job!

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@Metatron_Da_Don: Thanks :)

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@Aph8825: Thank you, Glad you digg it.

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Dude... If i ever commit suicide, you'll be the one to blame....LOL, just kidding. But i think you got my point. Your art is FANTASTIC! Amazing job and i especially love your Raph. He's my fave TMNT! :)))

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@spidey 15: Thank you very much : )

Raph was fun one to do. I hadn't really tried my hand at drawing TMNT until this piece.

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@ProofPudding: You're welcome. I also have been doing some TMNT some days ago, and it's really fun to do, indeed.

So, did you color it on photoshop, or any other program, or there is the possibility that it's on hand( if it is then you'll leave me speechless for days)...:P

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@spidey 15: I did the color in Photoshop.

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@ProofPudding: I see. Your skills on ps are amazing! :)

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well this a very scary team and they are all for the most part badass , nice job!

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@SoA:Thank You