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Who would you assemble as your dream team X-Men companions? Choose one hero, and one villain, then tell us why! You can choose any villain, mainstream or otherwise, and likewise for heroes. They can be past X-Men members, or rogue villains, they can be active within the comics at the moment, or can be inactive. You decide!

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My own definitely has to be Magneto and Professor Xavier, even if it's not one of the options. I believe that their friendship is based on the right foundation, that is, upon the foundation of improving society...Even if one of them employs terrorism and the other, comparatively benign methods.

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@cattlebattle: I agree, whole-heartedly. At times, I think it may be convenient for some lazy comic book writers to just throw Magneto into the mix for a bit of nostalgia and to evoke some interest, whereas, I believe he should be the ace of the deck, and only played at strategic moments.

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Humanity is indeed a formidable adversary in the X-Men franchise, and their actions are responsible for numerous disasters and blunders throughout the series. It is from their mistakes, that villains are antagonised into committing those actions which define them as "Evil" - Be it true, or not. I also agree with your point, on the lack of understanding regarding genetic mutations. What has always shocked me, though, is that throughout the series, mankind has always had the option of trying to understand mutation, and yet, they let this opportunity pass. I believe that this desire to remain un-knowledgeable is, convenient for them...They see mutants, and have always seen mutants as the weakest and most destitute in society, and therefore, define them as "easy targets" - Much as a playground bully - Now, in defining this social minority as an easy target, they have created for themselves a go-to reference point, whereupon they can place wrongful blame, and can accuse until their hearts are content. It is from this ignorance that such men, as you mentioned, as William Stryker are born.

The whole issue with Mankind and Mutantkind surpasses the planes of comic book literature, and holds, and indeed will continue to hold, a pertinent social statement.

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The X-Men franchise can boast some of the most memorable, and enduring villains of the comic book world...Among them, are such modern icons and legends as Magneto, The Phoenix, Apocalypse, Mystique, Mr. Sinister and The Sentinels. All of these villains, and many more, can offer the reader a rich and diverse reading experience, with each offering a dynamic and fluid array of individual traits which make them among the comic book worlds most loved "baddies".

Given that there is such a wide range of villains, it is inevitable that there are those who catch our attention more than others. In this knowledge, I ask you, "Who is your ultimate X-Men villain, and why?" - My own favourite villain is Magneto; Not because of his timeless, and undeniably potent abilities, but because of the diversity with which he is presented. That is, as a product of a world into which he had no choice but to be born in, and to suffer in. It is from these circumstances, that, so often, great and good men such as Magneto are deformed by the abject horrors of humanity. Furthermore, his unwavering and unchanging position on his own moralistic beliefs, do truly set a good example by which we could all do with following. I am not, however, going to defend the means by which Magneto pursues his dream - The violent and often belligerent mind-set with which he conducts himself cannot be seen as a good example to follow, in the pursuit of our dreams.