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Redfield for all rounds. I'm hazy on the durability feats of Stryker, but Chris has tanked passive hits from Albert Wesker, full on blows from a Napad B.O.W. and surviving. Can't forget he punches the hell out of a boulder.

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@beaconofstrength: I really want to take your word for it. But the video above was not very impressive. That dude wasn't even remotely agile and considering how much he powered down and how slow he was Daredevil actually could have taken that guy down pretty easily. All he'd have to do is keep his distance. Until he powers down then good it's good night from the looks of it.







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I would actually love to give Slim the victory here, but I do think It's an uphill battle for him. Stark, even with older models of armor, has always been known for his versatility in weaponry. Still, loving the arguments for Cyke here, and I feel bad being reminded of Iron Man's enemy: Unicorn.

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I believe Namour threw a coffee table at Apocalypse cracking the glass wall behind him, and he ran after that! Might have been cause they were at the bottom of the ocean? Never the less, rather than fight him, he ran while he has his underling fight Namor! Strange, since he can handle the depths of space, but not the bottom of the ocean? Oh well.

Judging by this, Apocalypse obviously takes Namor seriously. Namor has even beaten Savage Hulk within water, and this setting is at the beach.

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This would actually be an interesting match. If, judging by the OP image, we're using Resident Evil 5 Jill Valentine, her physical enhancements make her incredibly swift, complimenting her skill in combat. Comparing feats, Castle definitely has more impressive showings, for sure, but I have no doubt that Jill would put up a hell of a fight. For reference of what Jill is capable of, this is a video of her capability.

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Albert Wesker. As skilled as Queen is, Wesker's had extended training during his security run in Umbrella, as well as showing that he's a highly capable strategist by his actions from Resident Evil 0 up until Resident Evil 5. Even with equal speed, Wesker is more experienced with the ability set, as well as being more ruthless, if this is to the death. I don't think Queen has anything within his normal equipment to actually deliver enough substantial physical damage. Also, for those that use the argument that Wesker "always underestimates his opponents," this only applies to the character Chris Redfield, which is due to their personal background stemming back from the first Resident Evil. Wesker has one-shot an advanced Hunter with little to no effort, has taken down a mutated Sergei, along with two Ivan-type Tyrants. Wesker has no reason to toy with Oliver.

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@haoalchemist: Lol, sorry friend. Although! Huge props on using Weyland-Yutani as a sponser.

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I'm not so sure how Cap would be able to take down the Armored Titan, much less the Female Titan, who utilizes her size and speed along with martial arts training & the ability to harden any part of her body to a crystal-like material. Levi was able to take down the Female Titan like he did not only due to his incredible speed & agility, but because of his skill & experience of having battled and slain titans again and again.

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Agent Venom wins this. Wesker would have little to answer for the versatility & unpredictability of the symbiote.

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Albert Wesker should come out the victor in this scenario, seeing as It's to the death. As resilient as Captain America is, a few feats to be named in Wesker's favor include toying with two T-103 type Tyrants named "The Ivans." Examples of the strength of these B.O.W.'s include the ability to stop a speeding tank and nearly upending it based on strength alone (Resident Evil: Damnation). They're set apart by their ability of programmed comprehension, and even while working together, they were outclassed and killed by Wesker. Wesker physically outclasses Cap in every aspect, as well as having implied superior intelligence. Wesker has shown no quarrel with being ruthless enough to kill, while Cap has shown reluctance unless it being absolutely necessary.

Wesker takes it.