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I'll do my best to start us off tonight & post Team 1's strategy. Best of luck, friend.

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@tifalockhart said:

Wesker's "hard durability" isn't that good. He can get hurt by the knife or bleed from a bullet but a rocket only makes him woozy (?). However, I too believe his speed is key.

I'm still not saying who wins though.

Actually, Wesker at his prime was able to tank having RPG's explode point blank in his face with little to show for damage. He was already weakened when Sheva stabbed him with a blade due to the overdosing of his serum (PG67A/W), which basically was poisoning him & making him and his powers unstable (a huge example of PIS, in my opinion). He was also shot point blank in the head by Sheva on the aircraft shortly before falling into a volcano, and still managing to be on his feet & strong enough to punch through the protective, metallic coating over the uroboros missile. His durability & healing factor are more impressive than people tend to give credit.

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I think it was established in their "meeting" during RE6 that Chris would toss Leon around in an actual fight. Chris doesn't need to be as fast, he knows how to take a beating more and he's gained very gritty skills. Despite all of that, my initial statement:

Leon S. Kennedy gets stomped without breaking a sweat.

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@lukehero: Thanks, had a tough time choosing.

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So, these offspring don't have to be canon? We can just pick two characters and have them mate?

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@ls1111: HYDRA had energy-based weapons that I would say rival--if not surpass the yautja's plasma caster. They fully disintegrated soldiers when hit. On paper, everyone describes Wolf as being an experienced hunter, yet he never would have completed his solo mission, had it not been for the U.S. military ordering a nuclear strike. Aside from brief feats of Wolf using his weaponry to take out lurking xenomorphs in the sewer, he was still outsmarted by a xenomorph at a construction site. He was physically outclassed by the Predalien and heavily wounded. Despite what the description of Wolf is, he was exactly as described by comparison to Harvey Keitel. A cleaner.

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Round 1 - Captain America. Cap's held his own, briefly, against Loki. I believe the entire introduction action scene during The Winter Soldier shows how quickly he can dispatch of a ship full of patrolling guards without setting off any red flags. His first H2H showing against Winter Soldier alone showed more actual skill than anything I saw of Wolf against the Predalien.

Round 2 - Captain America. I don't believe AvP: Reqiuem ever gave Wolf a feat involving speed & agility as when Cap single-handedly took down a S.H.I.E.L.D. gunship. Even with the amount of space between the 2, Cap could easily utilize his famous ricochet shot with the shield and charge in for an attack while the shield remains in play.

Round 3 - Wolf. I pretty much believe this is a spite match-up. Although Cap was trained in stealth, as shown briefly when rescuing Bucky during The First Avenger, and during his dispatch of Batroc's men in The Winter Soldier, the yautja have far more advanced technology for hunting and cloaking. Not to say that Cap doesn't have a good eye for spotting cloaked enemies, as shown here in a very short clip, in a foggy forest, he moves fast enough to take out a camouflaged sniper off guard. Still, Wolf's cloaking technology far surpasses anything Cap has dealt with in the MCU.