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Damn. I wish I could have been part of this.

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@nickzambuto: You can make an argument, you can find evidence, you have evidence, and you can use said evidence. That is your strength in debates. The problem I've seen with you in debates is you have this habit of picking certain pieces of evidence that don't correlate with each other. Remember the other day when I said you have a habit of overglorifying some characters? I think it's that. You mix game mechanics too much with cutscenes and try to play it off as evidence. For example, you can talk about characters exploding a zombie's head with their fists, yet you seem to forget that they need help kicking down a small, rusty, metal door or moving a bed of junk. And if we want to talk about some of the zombies' durability, there was one zombie in the first level of RE 6 that when you're running through town with Helena and Leon, you literally trip him and he falls and hits his head on the side of a step and it explodes.

Because of this problem, you can make some sloppy comparisons when it comes to debating with these characters. And I'll use the debate we had since it was just the two of us and it was my own personal experience. The one when we did Creed vs Wesker. You talked about Wesker's durability and regenerating prowess, so Creed would need to hack away at him. Creed slices helicopters in half with a ease, Wesker at 1/3 of his power was stabbed by Sheva. And then there were the comparisons with Chris's accuracy and Train's accuracy and you wouldn't say Train was more accurate, and one of the comparisons you made was Chris shooting Yawn, the giant snake, through the eye after getting hit, shooting the Popokarimu and saying he was shooting it through the tail and at the weak spot from hundreds of feet away when it was actually flying away and ended up going towards him when decided to shoot at it, it didn't specify he shot it at the tail (since gameplay mechanics make shooting it anywhere else seem useless, you just came up with that decision, even though if you actually shoot in the head with the S&W M500, it dies in a few hits) and it was nowhere near hundreds of feet away, and him shooting a gun out of Carla's hand in comparison to a guy that is across a ballroom and spins around to shoot multiple, already fired bullets out of the air, and can shoot 4 bullets through the same hole in a soda can and miss 2 bullets, albeit them going through the can as well, and calling himself rusty. It didn't help your case when Sherlock, who is also a HUUUUGE RE fan, said you did greatly exaggerate a lot of things. Do you see the vast difference in some of these feats? I do. Apparently some other people did, as well.

And here's the thing, you have refuted these claims before when someone says you do. You post the evidence and the problem is it shows sometimes the opposite of what you say. You can post the Popokamiru fight and it will show the thing flying away and then turning around and flying towards Chris, whom then is just shown shooting 3 shots. Then the thing flies into the van or tanker truck or whatever. It's just this big circle.

I think you need to find a middle ground. To find the feats that show some consistency and just focus on cutscenes where it actually shows a real character's ability, for the most part at least. You can post a lot of gameplay mechanics, but they can be countered just as easily with other game play mechanics. And the thing is, even in comics nothing is always consistent, we just rely on most consistent. Like if someone shows Hulk getting beat by a cement truck or a python, yet we know Hulk has a vastly larger showing of surviving explosives and nukes and fights with other high tier characters that heavily outweigh it. Or someone shows Superman struggling to lift a bus, while someone shows a dozen scans of him lifting buildings and such. It falls under the same concept. In some game mechanics, they are too balanced out to just pick one and ignore the other. And if you focus on game mechanics, it falls under gameplay rules, not exactly what the cutscene might always dictate.

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@nickzambuto: Also, I cherish you forever for that picture you made in the OP. Do me a favor and put that Elephant gun & flashbangs in my gear.

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@tparks said:
@i_like_swords said:

Looking forward to this

What he said.

Progs and I tried this before and he didn't show up :P he challenged me again the other day so here's hoping to a memorable match.

Oh, I'm showing up, all right. You came to the wrong neighborhood, (expletive deleted).

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@enzeru: There is no such thread, my friend. ;P

@magnificentstorm: @nighthunder: My bad, guys. I was part of a few other tourneys going on that have come out and I've been playing catch-up. I'll get on this.

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@omgomgwtfwtf: Wow. I'm so sorry, friend, I was so distracted with trying to organize the tournaments I was a part of, I hadn't even realized you already posted. I'll get crackin' to respond here very soon. Excellent opening, btw.

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If there were a new comic featuring Albert Wesker without a nearby volcano? ... I would definitely submit it.

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Yeah, as cool as Shredder is and as skilled as he is in the Martial arts, he's simply no match for the physical prowess of Wesker. The end result would be pretty similar as to when he was in the dump truck.

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6 of the 12 Crossbones' would have the best chance of swift mobility in order to scout the terrain from Northwest to Southwest, using jetpacks to position themselves atop structures from a minimum safe distance. Trained by Taskmaster and serving under the mastermind Red Skull, each would have the skill & experience in order to play out their role as talented soldiers. Reporting back to Commander Albert Wesker, a mastermind once triple agent working under 3 separate entities, the S.T.A.R.S. team, Umbrella, & the HCF. Utilizing the time of preparation before formulating a siege plan against the Red Zone, while noting it's close proximity to the Eastern coastline.


Creating a wide, triangular-shaped formation without a base, the corner facing West where Commander Wesker would be. At the front facing Eastward, Lieutenant Jetstream Sam would be at the forefront in the North, placed upon the road leading a straight path to the destination, along with a phalanx formation of 12 Snake Plisskens, each of which legendary in their own right in the art of espionage. South of the team, Lieutenant Winter Soldier would be making way through the green area, his team of the 12 Judge Dredds spread out to cover more ground. Behind them, closer inward than the first set of teams would be Lieutenant Isaac Clarke to the north, and Lieutenant Mister X south. Hiking east while remaining in formation, closing the distance between them and the Red Zone.

Jetstream Sam would order his team of Snake Plisskens to spread out and take cover while also taking aim at the structure within the Red Zone. Sam, swaggering and taunting to serve as a distraction while prepared to take on any troops or oncomers, his ability to do so shown below in the video from 1:42 onward.

Meanwhile, Sam would signal for the Snake Plisskens to fire warning shots from their DC-17 Blaster Rifles, sniper attachments included. Firing into the Red Zone to lure out any Lieutenants from their defensive points, the Plisskens quite skillful in their accuracy with firearms, as shown below against multiple foes armed with weapons, outsmarting the enemy despite it being "against the rules".


Winter Soldier, along with his team of heavily armed Judge Dredd's, would sneakily begin to make their way North through the grassy districts, weaving betwixt structures to begin closing in towards the Red Zone, however holding back to see the response Jetstream Sam would garner. Meanwhile, Commander Wesker, along with Isaac Clarke & his forces, & Mister X would all provide back-up in preparation for the defensive strategy to reveal itself.

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@esquire: I'll post up my campaign today, then you can respond with your defensive strategy.