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I vote mine(ProfionX), but also for ZZoMBiE13

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If you could disrupt and distort the reality of every superhero created so far and transport them to a world where light, order and good are the evils that infect and consume it, how would you recreate them and what dark and macabre powers would you give them?

Do u like the idea?, well, then choose any hero u want, led it to it dark side and re do it.....

Wanna examples:

I Chose Superman. In the dark world, i would change his suite for a gray one, take off the sign on his chest, put them a mask and there i re put his sign. The infrared vision will be off and give them into their hands. Would be nice to conserve his indestructibility, speed and super human strength. I take away his fly ability and give him the potential to move between shadows. There's no be superman anymore... his new name will be Super Shade....

What do you think, u wanna try?

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@ZZoMBiE13 said:

I decided once again to tap my webcomic background and make something with a humorous tone. I have created: WARHIPPIE. Or at least that's what I started with. And eventually he became Waterfall Fury: Agent of G.R.A.S.S. I actually had the Anagram worked out but I forgot what the last two letters stood for so probably better to leave it to the imagination. He's a hippy/soldier and is constantly at war with his own nature and training. Or he gets baked and then is constantly at war with the munchies.

i'm sure would be a masterpiece

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Good characters!!!

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i still laughing...

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Nice... an almost omnipresence being...

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@LordRequiem said:

@ProfionX: That's a very unique concept in that it's a permutation of the origianl idea. Well done.

Thx... i hope others enjoy it too...

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Initially i think in blue... but after a hard revision, i must said green.

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Well... i'm a bad drawer but some time ago, i was thinking about a very sinister heroine... I called Blind Scale (but she wasn´t blind).... About the abilities: Hear this: She was "cursed" by two goddess: Temis (goddess of justice) and Nemesis (goddess of Vengeance) for a sick beat. So, for one hand, she is capable to manifest any kind of power to make the justice prevail (for example, if someone hire an assassin to kill someone, she could gain invulnerability and super speed to stop the bullet) but, if someone claims retribution for any kind of damage or she couldn't make prevail justice, grows in her the imperative compulsion to payback (in the same example, if can't stop the bullet and this person dies, she must find the assassin and kill it by any necessary mean and that includes, gain powers if need to). Bad, right? but the real bad joke was that she can't always decide when to apply either... That's why i called Blind Scale... What d u think?

Representing justice, carries an indestructible sword and in vengeance's side, she posses two enchanted bracelets which can made spells (in addition to the abilities i describe before... I hope u can enjoy it!!!

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@CodeSaint: Me too

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