An old friend of mine...

Back in my adolescence I had a friend. During my time with “Them” I had already gotten to know some of the very great-minds that inhabit our nation today. I also had gotten to know many other kids in the same position as me, kids who were bliss in a compressed environment. Not just in a physical aspect but mentally but at the time we were too young to understand this. We were educated cared for and reminded how great our lives were even in the constant watchful eye of our parents employers.

Even as a child I didn't really buy into what my father had told me. But then again I’m not sure but I feel as if my father felt the same way but just never told me as if maybe he already knew how I felt. Regardless of what I call the imprisonment of my younger years; I feel as if I still had somewhat of a good childhood. For example I had a friend…

Now this may be the highlight of it all for me but he was a friend maybe even a brother I never had. His name was Jordan. His father worked with mine in the same sector of Cerebrum. We were never really allowed to see what our parents did in their work time. My father would always say "You can’t know what we do at our job; only your mom and dad can we work to bring out the best in people. Maybe one day you can also share in that ideal son. But for right now enjoy being a kid while you can."With a smile to back it up but anyways I’m getting off track, me and my friend would play with the other children in our time but we always stick together most of the time we were known as the “weirdos” among our peers. We would play games like tag, basketball, to hide & go seek all by ourselves. When we were younger he would always tell me about how he wanted to be the “king” of this world. I never believed him but even as a kid he showed immense determination for this; what would seem foolish to you and me was something he could look at it and behold something totally different.

Now by the time from what I remember when I had my eye transplant I feared I’d never see Jordan again like I said we were good friends and I wanted to carry that into the teenage years. Unfortunately that would never come to fruition because of the thing that haunts me to this day. Sometimes I wonder what my parents were thinking placing such a heavy burden on me at a young age. I would ponder it and I would shout their names even after their timely death. Why would they do such a thing knowing the consequences of it, a large organization intent on re-claiming what was there’s. Never being able to experience a real childhood like regular children; these eyes aren't a gift there a god damn CURSE!

I have to get off the subject because of its entirety still bothers me to this day plus I’m getting of subject. But I was wrong years later I would see Jordan again around the time I had turned seventeen, He had grown too much like me he looked a little intimidating somewhat but back then we always had a somewhat rivalry between us you know competition between kids isn't new. But I hate to admit but Jordan looked stronger than me. When he tracked me down I reminisced all the past years came back and I was filled with joy…for the moment.

Jordan then told me his purpose for tracking me down all these years, He told me he had become an agent of Cerebrum and was ordered to bring me back to them. I tried to reason with him and told him not to forget those days where we laughed and played together. It’s like he had been brainwashed or something his unemotional fixed face on me for that one moment and the next we were battling each other. We matched each other physically he had been one of the way tougher bunches of agents I had faced in ten years. We traded blows eventually; he gained an upper hand in our short but fierce confrontation. The fact was I was so held back by emotions of fighting an old friend. It wasn't right all that; that damned organization had taken away from me and they were still reaching their hand towards me trying to take a firm grasp.

At one point I was able to get it to a mutual feel during the fight when Jordan had told me something I still remembered to this day. "If you keep gripping the past like you do it will only lead to a bitter end to the potential you have Nelson." I tried telling him I will not kill my friend but he was still blinded by his objective. I had become overwhelmed with animosity while he remained calm and focused trying to take me down. Tell, I begun to lose sight of who he was and just fight him as if he were just another right off in the past of adversaries I already faced. I feared the worst I had injured him greatly even with the taste of his own blood in his mouth he stood ready to fight me until a victor was declared. Then well “it” happened

I had a blade drawn and he ran towards me at a frightening speed, but he wasn't going for me anymore. He collided with the blade hitting his own vital spot. He leaned on my shoulder while my weapon was lodged deep into his lower chest cavity. He then uttered the words "Remember how I wanted to be the king of this world…Well I've grown up sense then but I still feel strong on changing this world. But unfortunately I am not going to be able to do this myself. But I believe what your parents did, you have the potential to help this world and create the peace I had desired. Go fourth and be the saviour Nelson…" He had fell to the ground in a puddle of his own blood I knew he had did what he did on his own intent but I still felt responsible for his death.

My long time best friend was dead just like my parents; it had been because of what I possessed the things I loved where taken away from me. Tears ran from my eyes as his dead body that once gleamed with life was taken away in that split second. From that moment I vowed standing over the corpse of a once good friend and visionary to go forth with his will and ambition. I haven’t been able to really start his dream but his words echo through me. I’m not going to give up on them anytime soon just like he did only tell the very end…

"An old friend of mine..."

(OOC: I was bored as hell when I wrote this it probably sucks but hey I just got kicked out of the KOV...Not like i'm being a sore loser about it...well maybe a little but that's besides the point if any of you actually read this whole thing I envy you.)

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Woah. This is so good man! Like like like like!! Well done bro! :D

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@xenon_ meh I don't even remember half the stuff I just typed

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That was boss!

I haven’t been able to really start his dream but his words echo through me. I’m not going to give up on them anytime soon just like he did only tell the very end.

This is what sealed it for me

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I knew it *Applauds

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Good Job man.

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