Alright, I know Halloween is still pretty far away, but I like to plan in advance. I've been trying to come up with a cool costume. I could be someone from Star Trek, and I could just update the costume I already have. Or I could go as Link. I do have a Link costume that I've never used. But I would need to finish making the armor and sword and stuff. Can anyone think of something that's easy/cool/geeky? And don't say Joker, I was him last year.


Comics, comics, comics.

Alrighty. I finally got around to reading The Brightest Day Green Arrow graphic novel. And I do say, I really enjoyed it. The art was fantastic, and the writing was great. The story line was alright. It was a little weird and confusing at parts but whatever. I have been thinking about hunting down the whole Blackest Night and Brightest Day series, but I'm not sure. I also finished Robin: Big bad World. And I need #4 to complete The Joker's Wild, and #5 and 6 the complete Cry of the Huntress. So I'm really close to wrapping up that series. I've also started to read a lot of Booster Gold. I never use to be a huge fan, but I'm really starting to like him. It's quite possible that he could be #1 on my list very shortly. Hmm....


Why Ocarina?

I just wanted to say this. Why does everyone think Ocarina of Time is the best Zelda game? Because in my opinion, It'd probably be Twilight Princess. Alright. That's all I wanted. Any thoughts?


FanExpo In A Week And A Half!

Alright, well, here it goes. I have never, not once in my life, ever, never ever ever, wrote a blog. So as you can probably tell, I have no flipping idea what the hell I'm doing. So cut me some slack here. So, since this is my first ever blog, I suppose I'll write about how excited I am for FanExpo (Canadian Comic Con) which is coming up in less then two weeks I do believe. I'm going as a Star Fleet member. I don't think I'm going to actually go as a specific character. I was going to go as Scotty, but unfortunately, I do not own a wonderful Scottish accent. Not to mention, I'm a female. So my options are kind of limited. But whatever. My outfit is based on The Original Series male uniform, because frankly I'm not a dress person. Although my sister is. She's dressing up as Snow White. She's making her outfit from scratch. I don't think I could trust my self with a sewing machine. I'm not really sure it would end well. Anyways, enough of that. I was really disappointed to find that Patrick Stewart had postponed going. But 100% Stan Lee makes up for that. Last year I met Malcolm Mcdowell (Alex in Clockwork Orange), and honestly, he wasn't a very nice guy. Not to mention, he's as deaf as a bat. But who cares. I got my movie signed so I was happy. The one thing I do think is ridiculous is the prices they charge. I paid 40 dollars to get an old man to write his name on a piece of paper. I do say, human beings are strange creatures. Another thing I want to now is what giant LEGO creations are going to be there this year. Of what I remember last year there was Optimus Prime, and Hagrid. There was probably more statues, but I ether didn't see them, or I have a horrible memory. Okay well, I don't really knwo what else to talk about. I saw The Dark Knight Rises. And yes, it was fantastic. But I think I preferred The Dark Knight. It's probably because I love The Joker. I was never much of a fan of Bane. The Dark Knight was also a lot more colorful then the new one. Not as serious I guess. And I did end up seeing The Amazing Spiderman, even though I didn't agree with  Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. When I went to the theater, I didn't see my fellow geeks sitting and waiting for Spidey to come swinging across the screen. I saw groups of crazed 13 year old girls waiting to see their teenage crush. Ew. Spiderman is suppose to be kick ass, not another freaking Justin Bieber. And Killer Croc beats The Lizard any day. Now that I've got that off my chest, I will wrap this up. So, until next time, cheerio.

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