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I realize that this topic is a little over a year old; however, I just learned that before they created Dick Grayson as Robin, they were going to name him Mercury, so I am adding it to my list.

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Which James Gordon will win.

Batman's Commissioner James Worthington Gordon, or Commissioner James 'Wildcat' Gordon who fought crime as a superhero called 'The Whisperer'? (Sorry I can't find a link to him; however use this website if you wish to find out who he is (

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If Green Arrow decided to create his own version of the Outsiders using characters who, like him, were inspired, in the same way that he was inspired by Batman, by someone from the original Outsiders, who could be on his team?

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I do not know if it's a rumor, spoiler, speculation or an April Fool's joke, but I read somewhere that CW was possibly bringing the Justice League to Arrow. Remembering Secret Origins Vol 2.32, the Justice League was charted by Green Arrow, Black Canary, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter.

If they base it off of this comic, I could almost see the Justice League happening, we already know that Green Arrow, Black Canary and Flash exist in this universe, and we know from Smallville, that it is possible to have small screen versions of Aquaman and Manhunter, the only character I'm unsure of is Green Lantern.

Anyways, if they use this version of the team, would you like to see a Justice League on Arrow.


I was also thinking that it might be cool if the big screen adaptions, CW, Fox and NBC all focused on a different version of the league. The big screen could tackle the Justice League, while CW tackles the Justice League of America, NBC could do Justice League Dark, with fox occasionally featuring references to the Justice Society.

What do you think?

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Because of their choice weapons, I could also use Starman for my smart guy and Steel for my big guy. The choice weapon for the smart guy is usually a staff (star rod) and for the big guy, it is usually some kind of heavy blunt weapon (hammer)

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I think I am going to use Deathstroke.

For those who care, the setup based off of The Magnificent Seven/Seven Samurai is a s follows.

The Leader

The Lancer (the leader's right hand man, who usually plays the yin to the hero's yang, or visa verse)

The Smart Guy (the brains)

The Big Guy (the muscles)

The Old Guy (could be a mentor, but not necessarily)

The Young Guy (could be a sidekick, but, again, not necessarily)

The Funny Guy (there are several way that this role could be filled, but I'm going with the jerk with a heart of gold)


My team

The Leader: Batman

The Lancer: Green Arrow

The Smart Guy: Blue Beetle

The Big Guy: ??? (I'm probably go ahead and use Deathstroke)

The Young Guy: Nightwing

The Funny Guy: Catman

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I'm doing a Samurai Seven/Magnificent Seven style team based around Batman. I have every slot filled except big guy. So, I am looking for someone who does not have any superpowers, but could possibly be stronger than Batman. Just to help element some names, Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, Guardian, Nightwing and Catman are all excluded as I already have them as part of this team.

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I know Black Canary is kind of a Batman character, but I see Halo more as a Batman character, as the closest Black Canary gets, currently is Birds of Prey, which is a team that really has nothing to do with Batman other than having a few Batman side characters, being led by Barbara, and based out of Gotham. Whereas Halo is a member of the Outsiders which is a Batman team.

Also, there are two other trios that I'd like to see Black Canary part of, one is with Fury & Miss America as the three women that replaced Wonder Woman after Crisis on Infinite Earths. The second one is with Phantom Lady & Nightshade as the three women that Silk Spectre is based off of.

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Every comic book company, in existence more than likely has one superhero whom they have based off of Superman.

I'm willing to guess, that almost every fan who has created a few superheroes has done the same. I know I have.

Well, this post is meant to be your chance to introduce your Superman.


I have a few, but I'm going to start with one that I have that is actually inspired by both Superman and Batman, Sentinel.

Like Superman, Sentinel is the lone survivor of a dead planet. However, he was the same age as Batman, when Batman's parents were killed.

He is the son of the king and queen of his planet, making him not only the last son of his planet, but also the first son. (I meant that to be a sort of a playoff of Superman's being the last son of Krypton, and how a president's family is considered the first family.

His only alien ability is the ability to heal himself instantaneously. However, when he was in high school, he was turned into a vampire (just so you know, I'm not in the habit of making vampires, the idea to make him a vampire, came from the decision to make him a Superman/Batman hybrid, the vampire being a bat with superpowers. And I only have one other character that is vampire.)

Because of Sentinel's preexisting power to instantaneously heal himself, Sentinel can not be directly killed by the items that would normally be used to kill a vampire, i.e silver bullet, holy water, wooden stake, exposure to sun; however, it does cause him pain. Instead Sentinel's 'kryptonite' is actually a combination of the element that destroyed his planet, and the items that kills a vampire, i.e. a dagger that is half wood and half of the element that killed his planet.

Unlike both Superman and Batman, Sentinel has a brother with unique powers, he technically a modern day prophet, and when Sentinel gets turned into a vampire, his brother makes it to where he doesn't have a desire to kill or destroy.

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No specific vampire, werewolf or demon; but there power levels are great enough to be an even match for their respective combatant.