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What is the heaviest thing Magneto has levitated using his magnetism....
And how long was he able to sustain the levitation,(Days), (Hours), (Minutes)...

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I was reading about rachels powers and it says that she used her telekinesis to 
 create a micro black hole, levitate an entire city for a time and I was wondering why did she do that, what was she trying to accomplish by creating a micro black hole and levitating a city for a time, what was her purpose for doing thing! does anyone konw because I have been searching and can"t find anything! And if anyone has scans of this please post them. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rachel's Page says that even without the Phoenix force she was able to create a micro black hole, levitate an entire city for a time,and sustain shields that withstood Jovian atmospheric pressures, her later telekinetic fine-motor control allowed her to alter molecular valences, create telekinetic swords (much like Psylocke's telekinetic katana)and even rewrite human genomes, and she has time travel abilities and  psychmetry,   when cable had full almost complete control of his powers he used his powers to pull the sunken pieces of his space station Providence out of the ocean and rebuild it as a flying sanctuary, inviting some of the world's greatest minds and anyone else looking to start anew. He spent four days re-routing the waterways to flood half the Sahara. He spent two days removing every logger in the amazon. He soothed the pain of every single person on earth suffering from disease. Stopped the white blood cell count deterioration in AIDS patients, attempted to straighten the leaning tower of Pisa. He stopped a daily average of fourteen individual terrorist attacks, eleven hundred attempted murders and seven thousand car accidents. So I think Rachel and Cable might be on the same page but all I've heard of X-Man is that he is a very powerful Telepathy, I've read he can pull astral projections of other Telepaths into the physical world and he can teleport to other dimensions, he has psychmetry and can phase through walls and that Onslaught wanted to absorb his powers along with Franklin Richards but  what else can he really do that makes him match or even better than Cables and Rachel's powers...

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Which out of the three, Cable, Nathan(X-Man), And Rachel would you classify as the most powerful between the three and why....


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I Know it says on her main page that when she gets mad a storm will come, but can she actually control the weather like storm, I know that she can control the four elements, water,  earth, fire and air and on another website it says she has good control over electricity but I have never found anything say she can control the weather, she just has great control over air and water! Help Please!

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Who would win in a fight between them and who do you think is more Powerful....
I believe that mMeggan would win becuase Crystal can control the four elements while Meggan can still control the four elements but to a much higher degree such as controling Lava and causeing Volcano's to erupt and Meggan controling the weather, plus Meggan can shapeshift and she is empathic. And It was hinted that meggan can control Electromagnetism by Moira MacTaggert and Meggan can change into sand and water.

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Can The Scarlet Witch beat The Silver Surfer and if so how, like what would she use her powers to do to him. If she couldn't win How Would The Silver Surfer defeat her..

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They both have Reality manipulation powers, although the Scarlet Witch's power over reality seem's to far surpass Mr.M's own power over reality. But Mr.M has telepathy and Telekinesis. So Who Win's..... The Creater Of The HOM or The Reality Warping Telepathic, Telekinetic.....

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Scarlet Witch changed reality into HOM and Storm is able to create World-Wide Ice Age. Who would win between the two of them. Not just in terms of overall power put in terms of skill and use of thier powers!  Wanda might have magic but Storm does to, but she just chooses never to use it. If she fought Wanda with her mutant powers and her magic then does she have a better chance of winning!

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Yeah I agree she probably has the potential to become more powerful than Trigon but she would become as evil or more evil than he is!