Beetlejuice Sequel May Soon Hit Theaters. Yeeeah!!!

So after years of rumors, it looks like Beetlejuice will finally get a sequel. Details aren't big at the moment, so no clues about the cast.

Would you see a Beetlejuice sequel if it had a large portion of the original cast? What if it had entirely new cast members replacing everybody? Good thoughts about this or no? is reporting that the ghostly sequel is in the works, but there's some good news. "The film will not be a remake," the site reports. "The intention is to reboot it by advancing the storyline of the original."

David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith will work on the project, says. Grahame-Smith worked with Tim Burton, original "Beetlejuice" director, on his current project, "Dark Shadows," so he's familiar not just with Burton's style, but with writing for beloved and spooky characters from our past. ("Dark Shadows" head vamp Barnabas Collins will be played in that film by Johnny Depp, who loved the show as a kid.)

Story: '80s movie sequels we'd like to see

Of course it's way too early to talk cast, but you'll recall that Michael Keaton plays Betelgeuse (his character's name was spelled differently from the movie title), Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis are the ghost couple who try to chase Catherine O'Hara, Jeffrey Jones and Winona Ryder out of their house.

Story: Bueller, Bueller? Where would Ferris be today?

Best tidbit from early coverage: There were plans for a sequel in the early 1990s, and it reportedly would have been called "Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian." Wow, that sounds like a parody title written for a movie scene where a clueless studio executive throws out a bunch of really lame sequel ideas. Hey, maybe that script's still lying around!

Not everyone is thrilled about the idea. Gawker's headline for a story on the sequel is"Hollywood Still Determined to Ruin Absolutely Everything."


Dr. Strange merged w/ Arioch & Shuma-Gorath runs the Gauntlet

How far does Strange/Arioch/Shuma-Gorath get into the gauntlet? He is fully healed in between rounds.   
Battles are won by death or destruction of the person's/entity's body. There is no BFR. 
Who stops him? 
Note: Because of the nature of mystic characters it's somewhat difficult to determine where exactly to put characters on the gauntlet. No comments about "these guys should be moved higher/lower" please. If the merged Strange/Arioch/Shuma-Gorath stop at a round, just say which round and explain why.

 Dr. Strange merged with Arioch's essence and Shuma-Gorath's energy.
1) Kulan Gath, Nicholas Scratch, Kaluu, Mordo, Ancient One, Brother Voodoo on Earth 
2) Blackheart, Mephisto, Satannish, Thog and Marduk Kurios in Mephisto's Realm  
Incredible Hulk # 418
3) Surtur and all of the Asgardians in Asgard 
4) Zom without his restraints in a neutral dimension 

5) Dormammu and Umar in Dormammu's Dark Dimension 

6) Cyttorak in his Crimson Cosmos 
7) Chthon and Set in Chthon's realm 

8) The  Vishanti in Agamotto's Realm  

9) The In-Betweener 
10) Lord Chaos and Master Order (Separately)  
11) Lord Chaos and Master Order (Combined)  

12) Highly fed Galactus (he doesn't have the Ultimate Nullifier) 

For those who have been or are dieting...

There are hundreds of diet plans out there and certain ones work better for some than they do for others. For those who had been or are currently on a diet plan, why did you choose the specific diet plan you did/are doing? And if you tried multiple, which diet plan gave you the best results and satisfied your hunger the best while on it? 
I started experimenting with a bunch of different diet plans to see which one would work best for me after I got back from my 3rd year of college. During the last few weeks when finals were around my eating habits got pretty bad and I was mostly eating Dominos, which gained me a good 30 lbs eventually. When I got back home I thought that just no longer eating fast food would do the trick, but the Dominos slowed my metabolism a lot and I wasn't losing the 30 that I had dropped. I heard about juice fasting, so I purchased a juicer and would liquidize all my fruits and veggies, and mostly have the veggie drinks during the day. Making a juice out of fruit was easy, but making them out of vegetables was a challenge. The drinks were awful ( I still gag when I think about that damn cucumber-celery-ginger drink I made) and simply put, having nothing but water and fruit/vegetable drinks just didn't cut it for me.  
So then I found a diet plan that totally fit my carnivorous nature - The Atkins Diet. I gotta say, out of all the diet experiments I have done in my life, which include: South Beach, Weight Watchers, Body for Life, Buddhist diet, and the Grapefruit Diet, etc - my favorite and most effective plan has been the Atkins Diet.  It's basically a diet that restricts your carbs to 20g per day until you get the desired weight loss and then you gradually go up after a few weeks when you've hit your desired weight and you reach an equilibrium where you no longer lose weight but no longer gain. It's been working for me greatly, and I gotta say that any diet plan that allows me to eat meat, poultry and fish is a winner :P 
So which diet do you like and why? 
Edit: Ugh, just realize it should have been "had been" and not "have been". -_- pet peeve


Have you grown apart from a good friend?

I'm near the end of college and that's all well and good. But as the years have passed the further apart I've grown from my buds from high school. Now that it's the summer I've been able to see a bunch of friends from high school, but I started to realize we just don't get along like we used to. Although we were great friends years back we now seem to have differences that we just cannot get passed. My question is, have you ever grown apart from a friend? How did you deal with it, try to just act as if the person no longer exists and look toward making new friends or do you try and keep that person in your life due to good memories, even though you're no longer compatible?

Any college students on CV currently taking extra classes?

 I ended up having to drop bio before it was too late, as I was failing. However, because I did this I now have to take 5 classes first and second semester of next year. I'm wondering, for those who do or did take extra courses (5 or more per semester instead of the typical 4) how did you manage your time and get all your coursework done effectively without collapsing from exhaustion? Any study habits you would recommend?


My mom just got laid off from work DX<

She just called me a few minutes ago and told me the news. The company formally announced that they are laying off everybody working there. They started firing a good number of people a few months ago, but nobody expected them to get rid of everyone. This company was thriving a few years ago, but then everything went bad quickly. Because it's a land leasing company in Southern California, you can imagine why business would be terrible for them now (I read an article showing that California was ranked dead last of all the states for the number of prospective new businesses).. Anyway, luckily my mom's husband is secure in his work but she's going to find a hell of a time finding a new job. Not only that, I am on her health insurance plan, which is a PPO with Blue Cross, one of the best health insurance plans a person can get...but since she got fired I'll only be on it for a month and then I have to look for something else. I'm stil trying to figure out how this will affect my college tuition, but hopefully I'll be able to get through this year and the next so I can get my undergrad.  
I'm still waiting for the change our government promised us. Or maybe this is what they meant? DX<