Sandman = Badass.

Sandman is badass. I don't care what you say he just is and he should be considered one of the most powerful villains around (not including magic or aliens). You see a little while ago me and my friends started getting into discussions about if two hero's went head to head who would win. Or if two villains went head to head. I chose sandman. Why? you may ask. Because I think he's INVINCIBLE. Someone shoots a bullet at him? No problem. He turns into sand and the bullet whizzes right through him. Hand to hand combat? He turns into sand. The punch misses. Turns his hand into A MASSIVE HAMMER. Crushers the poor fool who wasted his precious time. Sandman should clean house. On his mantle there should just be heads of the countless heroes; Spider-Man, Daredevil, Captain America, the list goes on. The only thing I can think of that would stop Sandman would be a tsunami, and thats only because he's weak against water. And yes I know there's probably thousands of heroes/villains that you say could beat Sandman but let me ask you this. How many of them are alien? or have magic powers? or are a Mutant? If you can name one who was just a regular joe turned superhero that can beat sandman let me know. COMMENT FOOL. 
Finally, I would just like to say that this is just my own opinion and I felt like putting it out there so there's no need to feel like I insulted you or anything I'm just speaking... well actually writing i guess... my mind. 

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You'll get no argument from me. While he isn't quite my favourite or anything, Sandman is still an awesome and tough (also somewhat empathetic) villain. 

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@Icon: I think he's definitely under-utilized 
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Every good hero or villain must have his plans and his methods. Sandman doesn't have. He must learn to combine his moves with other ways. He's good at the battle, he is powerful but he doesn't use his mind. 

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@DarkChris: Very good point. I guess thats why Sandman doesn't reach his potential.
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I can do everything he can do and better! i am THE APOCALYPSE! BOW DOWN TO ME MORTALS! >:D 
PS. Consider this a bump.

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Doc Ock Turned Him Into Glass Once... And Electro Might be able to Handle Him.

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I miss when Sandman was a good guy
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I've always thought he was kind of overpowered for a Spidey villain. He is a seriously tough s.o.b.

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yea he is badass
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Sandman is cool...however, a regular joe turned superhero overnight that could beat Sandman is Hydro-man. You said it yourself, he is vulnerable to water.