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@cbishop: It is Comics
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@cbishop: But it can still be done :P
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@Adnan: Most Likely.
>_>...Party Pooper.
  And that is Encantadora.
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@cbishop: ...He could be name after him...But while the name is the same...the character is WAY different.
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@War Killer said:
I wish they would take the Metallo from Superman: TAS and bring that version of the character into the comics, he was one of my favorite Superman villains when I was younger! :D
Metallo has been on AC already....Maybe he'll change due time.
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@cbishop: I know you dislike Hank. You told me long But with a good writer everything is possible..And besides...We really have nothing to lose. Seeing how bad the stories are right now it won't matter. Yes Superman needs a new supporting cast with fresh characters. Its practically been the same people! I would like Val-EL to be introduces...For the record he is someone I invented, but would be great in the Superman family, since he is lacking males there.
Eh..The whole kryptonians things its kinda a mixed bag for me. Sure there could be some villains that are kryptonian, but are those the only tipe of people that can hurt Superman? I think not. or why not mixed it up a little, like the Damaximates, there's also a planet somewhere in space where another kryptonian colony established....But do to the planets athmosphere or something they're physical bodies where twinkled. I dunno...Pointy ears, red eyes, ect.
As for Mon-El...It kinda sucks, since he has to go back to the Phanton Zone due to the Legion...that pretty much ruins any good story with Mon-El and Superman...
New villains and old villains with fresh take would work. Hmmm...That's what DC should have done...combine Mr.Majestic with Superman.
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@Dernman: @cbishop
Might I add, that I would also like Superman too have more supporting character...Lois, Jimmy, Perry? Please more outside of them.
Supergirl? Power Girl? Superboy? Krypto? Give me Val-El and I am happy.
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@cbishop: I'm all for new villains my friend. But these are the people I would like them to use again. I feel with the right writer they could be interesting.
Remember that this is a reboot. All of those character could change for the better, whether is Hank, Herc or Composite Supes. We just need more imagination, that seems none of the writers who DC puts with Superman have. Action Comics has been cool. But the Superman title has suffered from bad writing and inconsistency. First mistake DC made was putting Perez on the title. they should have put someone new, a young person to write Superman. but no, just like always they put the crappiest writers for Superman, a hero that certainly deserves better. Every one else title has been nearly universally well received, while Superman has had bad editorial and creative changes. I think its time to fire Superman's editor, cause he''s not doing Superman any justice. I want new, exciting, cool villains that can go toe-to-toe with Superman but none of them, Jurgens and Perez, have delivered. 
This are the villains I want for DC to returned to Superman. I never stated that this is going to happen. Just that i would like to see them again. And I believe that with a good writer, he or she might do some justice to Superman and this villains.I also posted that if you had any villain you want to return to Superman, you where free to add. 
Or also, you could create one.
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@YoggSaron: I really want to see Hank again.