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@primmaster64: I was basically saying why the thread was made and that it was made with good intentions ect..

I guess we are. I was just saying, if you think what someone has said is ignorant then why bother replying to them at all? I didn't think I was being ignorant so I welcomed Superman fans' opinions. Not hating, hating is for children. This is debating.

I see. Well to put a end to all this, remember that we all look up to these heroes for a reason, its not just they're powers. ;)

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What does Spider-Man have that make him so appealing to you?

I love Spider-Man, don't read his comics anymore( FU Quesada and money), but he will always will have a special place in my Superman heart. He has always taught me about...well responsibility...Yes it sounds cheesy, but whatever :D I probably give a more detailed explanation later.

What about you?

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@i_like_swords: ...Do I have too? Its kinda long XD

But I already answered your question, so I guess we are done here?

Tip: Our opinion matters the most since you automatically made it our when you mention Superman...But everyone else can have an opinion on the matter too :D. Don't hate.

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@sandman_: Clearly isn't ignorant in any way. Expressing views. I've already stated why Superman fans shouldn't be offended, and why the thread itself was made. I know enough about him to ask this question in order to start a discussion. People have agreed with me and I haven't had any comicvine veterans put me in my place despite this being a reasonably popular thread, so no I don't think I'm ignorant. I think you're offended for no good reason. It's the equivalent of pulling the race card when someone talks about race, even if that someone isn't being offensive. I'm not offending Superman fans or insulting the character, I'm making valid points, or allowing their validity to be challenged. So yeah, I think I'll continue.

I think he was referring since you don't like Superman..."why are you here'' type of thing. To be honest this type of question isn't new and we Superman fans are pretty tired of it. We kinda get it on a weekly basis by some ignorant person who clearly doesn't know what he is talking about. The question is the same as :

What is Hulk without his powers?

A scientist.

What is Peter Parker without his powers?

A nerd.

What is Batman without his money and tech?

A crazy man.

and so on and on.

I don't know man. But to answer your question of "what is Superman without his powers?''

Well, he is a man. A good man who wants to help people as it has been showned in many comics through the years. He is a farmer, a reporter and a pretty cool guy. He would basically be the same guy, just without powers :/.

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Didn't Supes already proved to be competent without his powers? Seriously people? Do you still ask this type of stuff? Read some goddamn good Superman comics.

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Farewell my people. Primm out!

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Another factor Superman also seems to lack, is the area of supporting cast. Sure we have Perry, Lois and Jimmy....But that's it! Now that the Kents are dead, Superman needs more people part in this area.
Who do you guys think should return to Superman? or should they just create new characters?
New characters I would like to add another love interest for Supes. Maybe one with Superpowers or something..
Man it would be cool if DC decided to use the character me and @ssejllenrad created...

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Oh sweet baby Jesus.
This is awesome.

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@AtPhantom: That's an interesting concept. Kinda parallels Hanks.