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Great starting point! 0

This. Issue. ROCKED! I haven't read the rest of the book, but so far I've LOVED IT! This shows how the Hulk can never achieve happiness, and "they always come" There are several questions, and not enough answers. This issue had me on the edge of my seat reading it! (Though there could've been a better name forAmanda Von Doom) The art in this issue was phenomenal! Marc Silvestri is hitting it out of the park with this! I can't wait for more of this, hopefully the rest is just as good....

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Was it just me, or did G-Man make an appearance in this 0

Okay, so let me say this, I only got this issue a few weeks ago at comic con, and it's the only issue that I own from the New 52's Flash. Overall it's pretty good. It's fun to see Flash do more than run. I like the fact that the city is in turmoil, but this was bad judgment on my part and I don't know much about what's going on.What I do see however, I like. There's excellent allusions to Barry hating coffee, which always makes me smile. Another thing I liked was that I could SWEAR G-Man made an...

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So this issue was pretty good. When I first started this book, I wasn't sure I liked Sinestro as a Green Lantern, but now he's really grown on me. Seeing him in use the ring in ways never before used is pretty awesome to see. His egotistical attitude towards everything is refreshing to Hal's attitude. The issue here has the Indigo Tribe trying to redeem Sinestro, but I've been finding myself asking the question "Does Sinestro need to be redeemed?" A lot.Then there's a certain scene with Hal Jord...

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Drugged? Again?! QUIT FALLING FOR IT, MAN! 0

Summary: A woman codenamed S-3 working for the agency mentioned in previous issues talks to Abomination, telling him if he brings the Hulk, but not Banner, they will removed a detonator they had planted in his head. S-3 then betrays her fellow agent and in the ensuing fight, Abomination is released, both of them are presumably killed, and Abomination walks away.Nadia, meanwhile, tells Bruce that she was Emil Blonsky's wife, and that she drugged him. She tells him how Abomination would beat her e...

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"Don't forget your vitamins!" 0

Summary: A woman named Nadia rescues Bruce and basically spoils him, giving him breakfast in bed and stuff like that. She constantly pushes him to eat the vitamins. Meanwhile, and old lady busts up a porn shop and kills everyone there. Nadia finally gets Bruce to take the vitamins and it turns out he's been drugged and she's a secret agent. for some agency. The "old lady" is actually an agent working for the other side, getting a disk saying who agent blue is. The agency Nadia works for is makin...

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