Ultimate Spider Man: New Goblin part one

Rhino slammed a large fist down on the wooden table. "DAMN THAT WALL CRAWLER!" HE shouted in anger. He, along with four others, were waiting in an old, decrepit bar, cobwebs in the corners, shattered glass on the floor. Rumor had it that The Punisher had tried to blow it up once upon a time. "We bump one off," Rhino continued, "And there's another waiting in the wings! How many more do they have?? Is there some sort of Spider family?!" Rhino shouted, to nobody in particular. "I mean COME ON--"

"Enough!" Scorpion snapped. "I am sick to death or your adolescent whining!"

Hydro Man took human shape out of a puddle of water in the corner. "When does the boss get here?" He asked. "I'm tired of waiting!"

Sandman made himself larger than usual out of anger. "WELL I'M SICK OF ALL OF YOU ****S COMPLAINING!"

"That's what I'm saying!" Scorpion argued.

"No you're not--"

"ENOUGH!" Doctor Octopus's voice rang out in an echo. "The boss is coming."

The door swung off it's hinges, and a horned, green creature appeared in the doorway. Octavius would recognize those eyes anywhere.

"Norman...." he said, as if in a trance, "Y-you're alive?"

The man smiled. "Not quite." A baritone voice answered. "I'm not Norman Osborn....call me the NEW GOBLIN....and I'm here to lead the new Sinister Six. Together," he breathed deep, "we will KILL this pretender, and we will take New York as our throne!"

*** *** *** ***

Miles Morales finished up his cereal in a heartbeat. He wanted to get in as much school as he could before he was needed as Spider Man, and he didn't want to have to repeat the Seventh Grade...

"Get your backpack, Miles." His mother told him. "You're going to be late."

Miles ran upstairs and hastily grabbed his backpack, jumping over the rail on his way out. He pecked his Mother on the cheek. Before running to catch the bus to school.

"Love you, Mom."

"I love you, Miles." She smiled.

Soon after, Miles mother heard a knock at the door, and rushed to answer it. "Coming!" She said. To her surprise, when she opened the door, a stranger greeted her. "Hello Mrs. Morales." The stranger said to her. "I'm here to talk to you about your son...Miles." The stranger grinned, showing jagged teeth, and let out a throaty laugh.

*** *** *** ***

Miles returned home that afternoon to find the house empty. "Mama....Papa?" He asked, to no avail. It was then that he noticed a laptop on the kitchen table. When turning it on, he found a recording. A man resembling the Green Goblin appeared. "Oh, **** oh **** oh ****" Miles muttered.

"Hello, Miles." The man said. "You can call me the New Goblin." New Goblin turned to his side, gesturing at Miles restrained Parents. "As you can clearly see, your parents belong to me. If you want to see them alive, you'll follow the map." A map from his house to an abandoned bar appeared on the screen, and Miles heard the final words. "Good luck, Miles." in a sinister tone.

*** *** *** ***

Spider Man walked into the bar, slowly. His spider sense did not go off immediately, giving him the assumption that he was safe. "Hello?" He said. "Anybody there?"

His spider sense went off! But it was too late for him to dodge the Rhino's gigantic fist! He was then grabbed by the neck by the Scorpion's tail.

"Bad luck coming here." Rhino said, pounding his fist into his palm. "Someone might get hurt."

Spider Man threw his legs into the air, smacking Rhino. "Yeah. You!" He then swung his legs around, trapping Scorpion's head between them. He brought his legs down, throwing him while simultaneously hitting him with a venom strike.

Hydro Man and Sandman burst out, both forming a bubble around him, attempting to suffocate him.

"Hold him still!" Rhino shouted. "He's mine!" Rhino began to charge at the bubble of mud.

"WAIT!" Doctor Octopus warned. But it was too late. Rhino had smacked Spider Man out but had gotten caught himself. "What an idiot." Spider Man panted. He was winded from being unable to breath, and a hit from the Rhino didn't help much, either.

When the two had re formed into human appearances, Rhino was already unconscious.

Spider Man narrowly dodged Doctor Octopus's tentacles. He knew he was in no shape to fight, so he tried to move in for a Venom strike. However, he tripped on one of the tentacles and was uppercut by another. Doctor Octopus suspended his limbs, while Scorpion dug his stinger into Miles flesh. "Stop..." Miles murmured, while slipping into unconsciousness. "Please...please...s-s-stop."

Hydro Man activated his comm. Link.

"Hydro Man to New Goblin....

Spider Man's out."

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Awesome job! I don't really read Ultimate Spider-Man, so I couldn't really critique much, but it was a pretty nice read.

I like it overall! I wonder who this New Goblin is.

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Good job!

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@primepower53: Ooooooo nice, using Miles. Good job