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@dbzk1999: True... I have no doubt that any future Dragon Ball series would essentially just be the Goku & Vegeta Beat-Up the Universe Show. Still, I'd love to see the other heroes of Earth get a chance too.

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If they do this right based on previously established canon, not go all wonky with it like DBGT did, it could be really good.

Super Saiyan God Goku should of course be on top.

Mystic Gohan should be second as he was clearly declared the strongest of them all at that point, only losing to Buu through trickery while he was making Buu slowly suffer (the only reason Goku could defeat Hirudegarn where Gohan and Gotenks couldn't was Goku possessed the combat skill Gohan and Gotenks lacked, despite their superior power, and was able to use it to pinpoint Hirudegarn's weakness)

SS3 Gotenks should be next in line as Goku specifically said the kids fused were stronger than he was, but Old Kai still put Mystic Gohan above them.

SS2 Vegeta is tricky to place, because while he was said to have surpassed SS3 Goku in Battle of the Gods, we don't know if he also surpassed Gotenks and Mystic Gohan or if he just faired better against Bills than they did again due to combat skill, not power.

Next up is SS3 Goku for obvious reasons.

Then it should be Buu.

Everyone else is too weak to keep up and needs an upgrade.

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It wouldn't be that bad if had been on another character, like Dove, but it's on Raven where it does a number of things it shouldn't:

  1. It's messing with a George Perez design that was simple and elegant, this however is so over designed that all the details will never ever make it onto the interior pages.
  2. The old design only hinted at her name being that of a bird, and even then it was the customary way for the people of Azerath to dress. Speaking of dress, thats what Raven used to wear 905% of the time, it's only the cartoon that used a leotard to simplify the animation. The new one is very heavy handed by giving her clawed gloves, a cloak that has 'feathers', feathers on her boots and a helmet that's shaped like a beak.
  3. That helmet which has no eye holes...
  4. The only time Raven was the sin of pride was during Winnick's Titans and in the MMO, it's never mentioned beyond those instances. Right now and only according to Lobdell, so far, Raven is the Queen of the Underrealms, which hasn't been explained or explored.

Fair counterpoints, for sure... But I have some counter-counterpoints!

1.) I'd agree with simple, but not with elegant. Raven's old look was bland. It portrayed an anti-social loner with dark inner issues to brood over. And the Raven on he chest looked out of place. She's a deeper character than that and her dress-style was quite shallow.

2.) Raven DID wear a leotard in the comics. It just had a loincloth drape that was removed from the cartoon version. The Cartoon version also removed the tacky raven logo. All things considered, the cartoon outfit was also an improvement, but still rather bland. This one says "Raven" without a logo and portrays who she is and what she does rather well I think.

3.) Raven as always been able to see without seeing. Nothing new here.

4.) I still see it as a nod to the pride aspect. Further still, even if she isn't pride in the New 52, she IS still a queen and her new outfit screams "Queen of the Underworld" in a way her old one never could. Regal, bold, intricate, and still extremely dark and fearsome.

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People complaining about Wonder Girl's body apparently never went to my high school.

Beast Boy being green seems so weird now. I always thought that Beat Boy being red made way more sense. Oh well... Maybe there's a good explanation.

Bunker was alright so I'm glad they kept him around.

Raven's outfit isn't THAT bad is it? I for on kind of like it. It plays into both her namesake and her demonic heritage. Also, the elaborate nature of it makes way more sense with her being the avatar of pride and all. Make a lot more sense that the hooded cloak and one-piece bathing suit in my opinion.

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@kilowog52: S'all good! I'm just happy you participated! Daemonites and Korugarians added by the way.

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@tohoma: Yeah I have the Guardians on there and I said at the top I wasn't going to try to list all the Lantern races. Thanks for contributing though!

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@kilowog52: Dang it! I had the Daemonites in mind when making this list too. Just forgot to have them listed there. Thanks for reminding me! They really need to revisit that whole invasion thing by the way.

How did I get the Thanagar stuff wrong? Are the Thanagarians not alive and well on Thanagar? Also, I didn't say "Hawkgirl" specifically because I know Earth 2 Kendra isn't Thanagarian. Didn't realize Shayera is called "Ladyhawk", but other than that I knew everything you had said. I was just citing known examples of Thanagarians in the New 52 and stating the overall status of their race.

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Batman Inc. is still canon too as far as I know.

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So obviously there's all the races found in the various Lantern Corps, and those would be too numerous to list, but what about all the others? For example, is J'onn the only surviving Green Martian in the New 52? Do White Martians exist and if so, are they still alive? As far as I know, Sodam Yat hasn't made an appearance, so are Daxamites around? What are they up to and how much of the Sinestro Corps War and War of Light events have still impacted their society into the New 52?

So here we go! Let's make a list shall we? For sake of clarity, let's state a few examples of the race depicted in the New 52 and their race's current status.

1.) Kryptonians
Examples: Superman, Supergirl, H'el, Zor-El, Zod, Faora, Jax-Ur
Status: Near-Exitinct

2.) Thanagarians
Examples: Hawkman, Ladyhawke
Status: Alive and well on Thanagar

3.) Tamarans
Examples: Starfire, Blackfire
Status: Alive and well on Tamaran colonies; Until recently were under oppression by the Blight

4.) The Blight
Examples: The army occupying Tamaran in Red Hood and the Outlaws
Status: Alive with butts sufficiently kicked thanks to the Outlaws

5.) Rannians
Examples: Vath Sarn and Alanna
Status: Soon to find out in the upcoming Justice League United

6.) Durlans
Examples: The army of aliens shown in Green Lantern
Status: Currently allied with other races such as the Khund

7.) Khund
Examples: The army of aliens shown in Green Lantern
Status: Currently allied with other races such as the Durlans

8.) Czarnian
Examples: Both Lobos
Status: Near-Extinct; Apparently both Lobos are the last two Czarnians alive

9.) Martians
Examples: Martian Manhunter
Status: Near-Extinct; Apparently killed by a psychic parasite, except for J'onn J'onzz, making him the last surviving Martian

10.) The Reach
Examples: Not sure if any specific examples of the actual race have yet been shown
Status: Made the Scarabs like the one Blue Beetle wears as part of their universal takeover

11.) Guardians
Examples: The Templar Guardians, Ganthet, and Sayd
Status: Near-Extinct; Slaughtered by Sinestro and Atrocitus save for the Templars, Ganthet, and Sayd

12.) Qwardians
Examples: Weaponer
Status: Still around (still enslaved by the Sinestro Corps?) and still hating pretty much everyone

13.) Coluans
Examples: Vril Dox
Status: Near-Extinct after an attack by the Multitude

14.) 5th Dimensional Imps
Examples: Mxyzptlk, Nyxlygspltnz, Vyndktvx
Status: Apparently having a massive power struggle in the 5th dimension

15.) Daemonites
Examples: Voodoo, Helspont
Status: Failed attempted invasion of Earth; Planning next attack from their hiding spot

16.) Korugarians
Examples: Sinestro; Soranik Natu
Status: Alive, not quite well, but living on Korugar.

Anyone else have any more to add?

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Woah woah woah... I ducked out for a few months due to real life getting a bit too hectic to keep up with my reading habit. Kyle is dead?!? When did that happen?!? I thought he was off with the New Guardians as the White Lantern.