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So in honor of Captain Marvel's upcoming return, I just went back and re-read the mini of his almost return. Without a doubt, my favorite moment is the conversation between Sentry and Captain Marvel about everything that's happened up until the present. Apparently they were pretty tight back in the day, like Batman and Superman. That got me thinking, these two were talking as if they knew each other better than anyone else knew them. They knew each others' personal lives, and Mar-Vell not only apparently knew of Bob's connection to the Void, but Bob somehow seemed to think Marv could somehow stop, control, or prevent it from getting out. It's not impossible. Marv, through his cosmic awareness, was calming the Hulk from enraged tantrums long before we ever knew who Sentry was. Maybe Marv's cosmic awareness could somehow do something similar as suppress the Void. Regardless, as two of the most revered among the ranks of the hero community by their peers, you have to wonder what kind of adventures they had together. Were they a part of a larger team at some point or did they just team-up on occasion. If a larger team, then who else would be iconic and powerful enough to belong? These two have the greatest potential to do good of any heroes that have ever been written (minus the Void undoing Sentry's good) in the Marvel universe, equipped to bring about things like peace between nations and ending world hunger. While I'm not necessarily wanting to revive either one in the present, how would you all feel about a book set in the classic Marvel era about the adventures of these two, solving problems that only they can? I think it could be pretty neat personally...

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Bump? No one else have any thoughts on this?

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I thought this was gonna be about Billy... :(

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@PrimeDirective: he's not coming back 
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@PrimeDirective: Why is it that the Sentry is BFFs with everyone in the Marvel community? First Reed, then Rogue, and now Captain Marvel? Plus, I never really thought Captain Marvel was all that powerful, compared to the likes of Sentry, or even Thor for that matter. I'd rather have the mantle of Captain Marvel stay dead, instead of causing Ms. Marvel to have an identity crisis.

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Go back and re-read... I don't want either one to come back/be ressurected really. I was saying that a comic set in the classic (AKA past) era about their adventures together would be a cool idea. It would lay some foundations for why Sentry is supposedly so awesome (for example: get to see that standoff with Galactus that Spider-Man mentioned) and give classic Captain Marvel a chance to have a bit of time in the light in today's world without reviving him in the present timeline.

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Go back and re-read... I don't want either one to come back/be ressurected really. I was saying a comic set in the classic (AKA past) era that was about their adventures together.

What issue? Or is this all hypothetical?

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@royale_with_cheese: the Captain Marvel series between Civil War and Secret Invasion. Bob and Marv had a few chats...

Also, I had edited my post cause I had accidentally hit the post button early. It's a bit clearer now...

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I would love for the SENTRY to return...

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I thought this was gonna be about Billy... :(


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Mar Vell is not coming back.