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@cameron83: Unlike Noah or Moses, we know for a fact that Jesus was a person that was alive at the time. Elements of his story like the miracles are questioned, but Jesus certainly existed.

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@Pwok21: I'm not sure which it was, but one of the classic Greek philosophers put forward an idea for a perfect leadership/government that basically paved the way for monotheistic religions, including the worlds current major religions.

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@Pwok21 said:


Um, never.

I was just stating that whilst Jesus was the first person recorded (in my knowledge) to have an opinion based around love like that, Alexander's opinion was never revolutionary.

Socrates, Epicurus, and Epictetus all preceded Jesus in that arena, same with a lot of Eastern & Asian philosophers.

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@ShootingNova said:

This seems like it could very well turn into a flames........ literally as well.

On-topic though, Jesus, definitely. Christianity is one of the most widespread religions (if not the most widespread) and Jesus is much more known than Alexander.

Its not a popularity contest, this thread is about which individuals actions have influenced the world more. Someone can be Christian and still be affected by what Alexander did in his time.


@MasterJohn said:


Jesus Stomps. He's the real God, any other is a phoney and a fake.

Great, you are the second christian I could find on this site.

I personally think them putting Jesus in a battle is stupid espcially since he refers mainly to a biblical being. Alots of people including myself worship him.

Most people don't worship him, this thread isn't a boxing match between Alexander & Jesus. Its about their achievements affecting the world.

@MasterJohn said:

I hope the user didn't mean blasphemy or anything like that in his heart when creating this thread.

As an atheist I don't generally think about blasphemy, but no I didn't sit down and write up this thread with the intention of blaspheming. I simply wanted to see a debate unfold on two very large individuals from history whom affected the world in very different ways.

@Bane_of_sith said:

Considering the human chronology is measured in years BEFORE CHRIST & ANNO DOMINI ( in the year of our lord) I'd say that's a pretty heavy influence,,Alexander of Macedonia was great ,,but Jesus impacts millions, everyone knows his name,,and sadly a lot of kids nowadays don't even know of Alexander of Macedonia ,,who btw was born in 356 "BC" lol

Are you saying Alexander's actions haven't impacted millions of people? There are cities all over the world that were named after him or named after cities founded by him (the US has over 20), but also Scotland, Iran, Canada, Turkey, Pakistan, Brazil and the list goes on. Not to mention how world militaries still refer and make use of his tactics or how he helped bring Greek ideas to the world (such as democracy).

This isn't me taking a side mind you, I just felt somethings needed to be pointed out in the interest of equality in this discussion.

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@CadenceV2: Every visual medium of lasguns depicts them as visible red beams? Lexicanum states they produce a flash of light. Your quote doesn't make any reference to them being lightspeed. 40k las weapons are no closer to being lightspeed then any star wars blaster or the like.

What's your proof that they are lightspeed?

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@CadenceV2: You continually surprise me. Just when I'm getting impressed by your 40k knowledge you post something completely ridiculous. Las weapons are not lightspeed. The very fact that las weapons produce a beam of light is evidence that they are not lightspeed, not to mention those beams of light can be seen and followed.

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@CadenceV2 said:

@Primarch said:

@Pwok21: @CadenceV2: Moving faster then a person can see isn't lightspeed, its just faster then the human eye can track. The difference in speed is not small.

Well if he is faster than Mach 5 he can mess up Kharn enough before he reacts.

Good thing Kharn isn't an axe wielding soldier in modern day, because some modern day rifles can shoot at 1,800 m/s. Handy for him weapons in the 41st millenium have less impressive projectile speed.

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@Israphael said:

Prototype 2 was retarded. For that matter, Prototype 1 wasn't that good either.


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Movie Avengers, Thor, Tony, Steve, Bruce, Natasha & Clint. no powers or equipment. In a cleared out Stark Tower, all electronics are disabled and means of escape sealed.

The Avengers must survive the night, from dusk til dawn. Individually. Each one runs their own survival night.

The Slashers: Michael Myers, Leatherface, Norman Bates, Jason Voorhees.

Each Slasher has their signature weapon and scattered throughout the building, none start on the same floor but they won't turn on each other. The Avengers know something is coming for them but otherwise have no knowledge nor prep time.

How does it go for each of them?

Bonus Round: Avengers are together, Slashers get Chucky & Freddy Krueger

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@Pwok21: @CadenceV2: Moving faster then a person can see isn't lightspeed, its just faster then the human eye can track. The difference in speed is not small.