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In the name of all that is holy, HOW CAN YOU NOT BRING BACK CHOCOS!!!!! One of the single most powerful moments in the Old DCU was when Batman left one on Martian's tomb as a final goodbye. I am fine with tweaking characters, but how can you not bring back a trait so fundamental about the character>

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I believe in Jeff Lemire! So ready for Green Arrow to become a decent comic again like before the new 52. I've really hated all the writer switching constantly, especially Nocenti. I hate her.....

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First, Bane goes on his venom bender and supes up. Right when Bane's ready to fight, Superman slams into him with full power, knocking him straight through a building and unconscious. Flash zooms by Superman, who immediately chases after him. Flash accelerates and breaks into the Batcave's Kryptonite reserve room using his phasing ability to take a bing chunk of green K. He accelerates more, running across the planet until he comes up behind Superman, punching him with his fist pull of Kryptonite repeatedly until the Boy Scout hits the ground, knocked out cold. Flash wins. Batman lectures him for an hour about ways he would have done it.