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Do you not see the difference between a bullet and a warhead? You keep talking about how surviving big explosions and punches from Superman like that somehow dispels the whole weakness to bullets and other piercing weapons. Why?

Because it defies physics (and logic) that the impact from a bullet would be harmful but the explosion of a warhead in your face (point blank range) wouldn't. Superman, theoretically, can deliver more mass velocity force in one punch than a missile warhead. . . . Is why!

Tell me how it makes sense to you and if what you say makes sense, I will concede.

I would kindly ask you to leave your attitude elsewhere before addressing me like I'm an idiot. If you disagree with my opinion or don't like it, you're free to say so but consider doing it respectfully. If you want to challenge my opinion, you should make points of your own, to support your argument and convince me and other contributors to this thread, that I am wrong, without treating me like trash or as if I owe you anything. Your comment is full of disdain and contempt and there is no reason for it.

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that's true,wonder woman always had a weakness against piercing weapons,a warhead isn't a piercing weapon,she took the explosion of a warhead,it's not the same that a bullet,there isn't nothing inconsistent about those scans.

Shrapnel is remnant shards from the warhead casing and propulsion housing that would be expelled in the surrounding atmosphere at velocities greater than a bullet, shrapnel pieces are piercing objects.These are inconsistencies.

In the first image, we see, who appears to be Devastation, brandishing an ordinary Fire Arm, which she uses to shoot Wonder Woman in the gut. I dismiss the first image as P.I.S. : Plot Induce Stupidity.

The second image shows the actions of a long range missile heading towards Wonder Woman. Leading us to the third page where Wonder Woman violently neutralizes it with a right cross. You will notice that she is not lacerated or singed by the intense heat that would have emitted from the blast. . . a blast that is more than a billion fold more powerful than a bullet fired from a hand gun.

Superman >Missile>Bullet. Wonder Woman withstands them all and still has great hair at the end of the day.

You can believe what ever you want about Wonder Woman, I believe that she is BULLET PROOF!

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I think that everyone knows that this was just a plot tool to get blown up in Trinity War. I really wish that it weren't but it is what it is.

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It would affect the hero world because they would have the responsibility of sharing this important responsibility. They may not be as available to address certain threats, and you know how the world is constantly hanging in the Balance.

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@lykopis said:

Interesting thread. Didn't really clear things up for me -- kind of confused how Wonder Woman can be considered unbeatable by Batman and not be impervious to bullets or anything else that pierces.

A majority of the material presented here is from pre-n52 era of Wonder Woman. The greatest proof that this thread provides is that there are a multitude of inconsistencies, for the character of Wonder Woman, about various points. One instance shows her withstanding the blast of a warhead at point blank range and another image shows her getting shot in the stomach with an ordinary fire arm. It's up to you which instance should be dismissed, given Wonder Woman's history and feats.

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@beautifultemptress: While I appreciate your position and I understand that you love their deep history and meaning, you should start a Superman & Lois Appreciation thread. This thread isn't so much about them being together in current continuity, but about the simple concept of their characters in an intimate relationship, the power they represent and the potential they have to accomplish greater things outside of themselves individually.

Everyone knows that the relationship is ending soon and that the focus of "Unchained" will explore Lois and Superman once more.

On another note, I agree with you that Superman is sometimes cold to Wonder Woman and it's evidence that their relationship isn't going to last much longer, as he keeps pining over Lois in his solo title.

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Batman must have had to order six boxes to get the discount


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i hope nothing wrong happens.

Given DC's track record with Wonder Woman, it's hard to maintain hope, we'll just have to wait and see. :/

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Some Classic covers there! Damn they look great together!

Even though Geoff Johns has pretty much confirmed that their breakup is somewhat imminent, they'll hopefully play their ace (Super/Wonder sex scene) in Trinity War. After all, it could be another 10 or 20 years before DC decide to try this again ... they might as well go all the way.

Yeah, there are some classics there. I'm thinking of making a desktop image of these :)

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parasite . . .