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@clara_mass: The path to glory was a wrong road, fraught with pitfalls and bandits. Only the best could finish alive, clean, trusted. Look at Lucifer; he was the brightest, he was the smartest, and yet he fell. Now Orpheus was climbing the trail, through chaos, towards glory. He was reaching for the sun, hoping his wings were made of sterner stuff than wax and feathers.

She was waiting on the patio, with her voice like bells. She was the eye of the hurricane, the peace in the maelstrom. He could trust her, he could confide in her, and all he needed to give to her was the world on a silver platter. She saw behind his dead eyes into the very heart of his ambitions.

"I think you know why I'm here. It's about time we discuss what's been going on as of late. From Anthony to Mercy there's no longer practicality within your America. Our plans need to change. I'm in a position where Lower Manhattan is under my control, slowly but surely...reelection is guaranteed. And while I work out the kinks there's still situations regarding war and even registration. We have Knightfall knockoffs and wannabe heroes emerging from elephant dung, so Mister President, what's the plan?"

His instincts said to let the world go to hell, and he'd just pick up the pieces and start a new one. But that just wasn't enough anymore...and even the situation held up by a thread may be woven into something stronger and better. "The plan...the plan is simple. Since history is written by the victors, we must be the victors. We have to crush down our enemies, and make them seem vile in the eyes of history." Through PR stunts, forged evidence, or simple heart-felt lies, Orpheus had largely destroyed the credit of many of his foes. There would be others though. "But there must be something bigger. Something to herald in a golden age. I hear the drums of war that will lead us into profitable peace. I see the innovations we will gain from it. That's the plan." he smiles.

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@therumor: I saw! :)
Actually writing up White House responses now.

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I need some pictures of Gatsby (from the new movie) but I am AWFUL at finding that sort of thing. If anyone has some images from the trailer or promos or whatnot, that would be appreciated.

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Can someone get me some pictures of Leo Dicaprio as Gatsby (from the trailer and whatnot?)

Thank you.

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@pyrogram: Fair enough. :P

You can kill them, I don't really care. I have other plans. >_>

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The images rushed into his head, and he stifled a gasp. In a moment of rare vision (for the future had been largely sealed from him as of late, he didn't know why, he didn't know how) he saw what might, and without immediate action, WOULD occur.

(He saw: A noose around his neck, his feet kicking dead air, his blackened neck

He saw: A hole in his chest, his head on a stake

He saw: His eyes gouged out, his battered body

He saw: Anthony Stark returned for revenge)

With shaking hands he pressed a small button that had recently been wired into his cane. Then, as quietly as he could he moved behind the point he saw his assailant appearing from (a silent shot...a man fell beyond the door). Orpheus held his breath, as quiet as he could be. He could hear his blood pounding in his ears, he could hear fluids sloshing and organs pumping...he had no doubt that he would be discovered.

And he was afraid.

With a flick of his fingers, a blade extended from his cane. If he survived this, he might have a lot of explaining to do to the general public but...he shook his head. (Where was the secret service? Weren't they supposed to be watching him?)

The moment Stark appeared, Orpheus was going to try to stab him with his cane. Then he would disengage and sling it around its neck, pulling back with all his body weight. A makeshift garrote.

He hoped, if there was any governing force to the universe, that it was watching over him.