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Are you sure I can't convince you all to Register...?

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@anthony_stark: You had your chance! No more beating up the President.

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@ramjam: She went out in a blaze of glory doing what she was created to do...also, they have another clone ready to go, so yeeah. >_>

And absolutely.

@pyrogram: Thank you kindly!

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@shirzad: Thank you!

@ramjam: There are two Portraits running around in the CVnU....the government engineered super-soldier was killed. The artist/daughter of Dorian Gray is perfectly fine and made a killing off the whole event.

And thanks!

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@anthony_stark: He hadn't expected it to be so easy. He was only human (more than human, some part of him insisted). His abilities were not truly designed for combat. While he could find timelines in which bodily harm was inflicted on his foes, they tended to be on the outer edges of probability, harder to find, taking fractions of seconds he did not have. And, in honesty, he was too frightened to think rationally beyond his own self-preservation. (He told himself, not acknowledging the limits on his own abilities caused by an unknown force, an entity out for his utter destruction. Or perhaps that was the self-deception).

A flash of color, and he saw the Uni-beam flare. He dropped and rolled just as his vision came to light, his cane clattering to the floor. Too little, too late. Stark grabbed him by the shoulders, thumbs pressing the base of his neck. Brief movement, and the Orpheus was slammed down on the great wooden desk in an almighty crash. All the air rushed out of him, and he felt something crack. Winded, he was unable to move out of the way of the slashing claws. (He began to roll, but metal gouged his shoulder, and as he fell to the floor he found himself unable to rise, he just wanted to...sleep or...)

A scene played before his third eye: A faceless man (one who seemed so familiar, but...?) was paying off the secret service...killing those who would not comply. This was the traitor in the ranks, this was the cause of his mental block. Anger flared in him, but faded as his amygdala and adrenal glands were blocked.

He had to...had to...fighting caused a structural weakness in the ceiling. A large chunk would fall towards Stark at the same moment that...a Will O' the Wisp, ball lightning, would come through the fireplace and collide with his assailant. He set the timeline (though he no longer remembered why).

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1:15, I'm going to bed.

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@joeagentofhand1: Several guards in heavy protective suits arrive to take the cocoon outside. The other guards leave to go back to their patrols.

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@joeagentofhand1: "Call clean-up crew". One of the guards ran off to get higher security. They ignored their didn't do to talk with magicians.

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@therumor: "Right, of course" Orpheus said, intentionally playing the fool. He had a premonition that all was not as it seemed but...things always went his way in the end. He'd have one of his agents tail Havoq as part of a training mission. Maybe the Metropolitan fellow.