Newfound appreciation for comics

As the title says I found a new appreciation for comics. The reason for that you ask me? Well, I was watching Shrek last night and suddenly 'poof' everything went out, lights, tv, everything that had any little bit of power in it. I looked outside the window and pretty much everything was black aside from a few candles and flashlights being lit inside rooms where people were staring outside to see if other people had any power. 
"Great.. power outage.." And it seemed it was in the entire city so the evening to the movie theatre with friends I had planned could be written off as well. It was only 21u00 so a teeny weeny bit too early to go to bed. So with everything pitchblack I stumbled to the other side of my room only to fall flat on my face by all the mess on the ground (yes.. i should reeeeally clean up someday...). But it made me remember of the old days when I was a young irritating (moreso than usual) boy that used to read comics with a flashlight while he should be sleeping instead. 
So i turned on my cellphone (big screen almost works like a flashlight) and saw in a corner a big pile of my old 'The Trigan Empire' comics. Picked up the stack and started reading in my bed holding my cellhpone to the pages for extra light. 
Same thing as a young child, just with a modern twist. =)
So, anything that happened to you what made you appreciate comics again in a completely new way?