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Ive just found something interesting on Falcons paqge on wikipedia (, and it said the following.

"After being told that the Falcon had been assassinated by the supervillain the Anti-Captain, Captain America found the Falcon's costume abandoned in a field.

The Falcon reappeared without explanation and supported Captain America against the Superhuman Registration Act."

Could anyone shed any light on this, or does it mean he's a skrull?

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*Press Release

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their longest-running series, Vertigo will publish HELLBLAZER: PANDEMONIUM, an original graphic novel by the series’ first writer, Jamie Delano (HELLBLAZER, OUTLAW NATION), and illustrated by Jock (THE LOSERS, GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE). The project was announced today by Karen Berger, the Senior Vice President and Executive Editor of Vertigo, during the San Diego Comic Convention.Jamie Delano began writing Hellblazer with its debut issue in 1988 and continued for the title’s first 40 issues. Previously only a secondary character in Alan Moore’s historic run on Swamp Thing, Delano was able to flesh out the John Constantine character within the space of his own title and is responsible for much of the character’s deep and vibrant backstory. In the 20 years since its debut, Hellblazer has been written by many of comics’ biggest names, including Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis, Brian Azzarello, Warren Ellis and others. Jamie Delano’s return to the character in HELLBLAZER: PANDEMONIUM will celebrate the title’s entrance into its third decade of continuous publication.When members of the Iraqi insurgency are found to be demonically possessed, intelligence specialists smell a supernatural rat. As parallels are drawn between the seemingly supernatural violence, ancient Babylonian legend and a remote, heavily guarded desert temple, it soon becomes clear that no one in the agencies is qualified to handle this problem: a private contractor must be employed. Databases identify only one potential candidate: John Constantine. Soon, Constantine is taken from the comfort of cold and foggy London to the brutal climates of Iraq, partly because of military coercion, and partly because of his interest in a beautiful – and above all else, mysterious – female Iraqi agent, whose true allegiances are kept in shadow.Delano will be joined by Jock, whose critically-acclaimed illustration work in the Eisner-nominated The Losers and Green Arrow: Year One have cemented his place among comics’ hottest artists. In addition to receiving the National Comic Award for best newcomer in 2001, Jock was nominated for the best cover artist Eisner Award in 2006.Celebrate the 20-year run of the enduring and acclaimed series, Hellblazer, with HELLBLAZER: PANDEMONIUM, an original graphic novel by the title’s debut writer, Jamie Delano.*

any one know when its coming out?

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Buckshot says:

"I agree with the outcome, but really, listing things the way you did really doesn't do much unless each category has equal weight, and they don't."

thats because both spidey and cap are better at different things. i tried to do it as fairly as i could. (im new to the whole comic book thing, dont judge me. goes into a corner and cries lol )

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Lord Doom says:

"Preacher says:
"Buckys was raised in the army, has years of experience of real war, and a cybernetic arm. Nightwings a circus freak. Winter Soldier gets my vote."

Yea that is true but everyone is saying that.Experience doesn't always win.Wolverine has more experience then alot of people in' doesn't mean he can beat all of them."

he can beat a lot of them though. (true,not just going on experience, but still...)

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Janitor locked Cox up an a morgue in one episode. does that count as a win?

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Buckys was raised in the army, has years of experience of real war, and a cybernetic arm. Nightwings a circus freak. Winter Soldier gets my vote.

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I think the two are pretty evenly matched, and even though I'm rooting for Cap, I'll do this properly.

Luck - Basically unknown factors of the battle, something we cant really judge. 1-1

Powers - Spiderman has hit the jackpot in this category. Strength, Speed, Webbing, Agility, Durability, Clinging to most surfaces, Stamina, and most importantly, spider sense, which i'll cover later. Against that, Cap has strength, stamina, agility and acrobatics and martial arts. 2-1

Strategy - Cap owns spidey in this, simply because of his decades of war experience. Caps been fighting most of his life, against much smarter and better trained foes then spidey. The guy has an intense knowledge of martial arts, and is an expert acrobat. The man knows how to fight, and fight well. spideys street fighting skills can't compare. 2-2

Location - unspecified. Most likely though, this should go to spidey. unless they're fighting in the desert, spidey has walls, roofs, almost anything to cling on to, and to jump around from. Cap's best use of location is throwing his shield, and doing this gives spidey the chance to take it away from him, with minimal risk to himself. 3-2 to spidey.

The 'Hero' factor - speedlgt brought up the mental preparation of fighting an icon such as Captain America. I personally think this is important, as it takes a lot of strength of character to fight someone like that. Spider-man, to Cap, however, is just a kid. He doesnt strike fear into a legend like cap, especially someone who's faced some real psychos and mass-murdering villans, such as the Red skull. Spidey has strength of character, make no mistake, but does he have to guts to take on cap? i dont think so. 3-3

Raw Strength - Spidermans clearly got an advantage. The guy can lift cars and all sorts of heavy stuff. Thats not to say caps not strong. The guy took a beating from iron man in civil war (powered suit, pretty strong s#@%!), had high level frequency sound attack (dunno what its called) which took down the rest of his team, and the guy was still getting up. Put simply, Cap can take a hell of a beating. Even so, spidey gets the point. 4-3

Other Factors -

the Shield - its practically an extension of Cap's own body. Indestructable, and capable of taking any hit without a scratch, spidey would have a tough time getting around that.

Spider-Sense - For me, this is the deciding factor. Caps best chance woul be to use the shield to give off a false alarm, but in Amazing Spiderman #534 it says "He hesitates as the small dangers he senses surrounding them blur into a kind of white noise. Over the years, he has grown wary of the small dangers. Because sometimes the small dangers can mask the big danger until it's almost-- " 'too late.' Spidey should be able to sense the distraction, and avoid it.

Other Factors has to go to spidey, simply because his spider sense will give him an obvious edge over cap. 5-3

Final Result: Captain America 3 - Spiderman 5

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oh. sorry.

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but mostly what harry said after bernard told him what really happened to his dad

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Magneto is there because its not specified what a 'hero' was. a hero could be someone with super-powers, someone with a vision, or just someone who fights for a cause greater then themselves. I think Magneto is as much a hero as the rest of the guys mentioned. Prof X is his replacement if he's not allowed though.

Captain America - Peak physical condition/Expert fighter/Master tactitian and commander/Shield

Iron Man - Technological genius/powered armour capabilities

Spiderman - Superhuman strength/stamina/speed/agility/reflexes/equilibrium/regenerative healing factor/ability to cling to surfaces/Spider Sense/Synthetic webbing/comic relief

Namor - Strength/flight/stamina/strength/durability/telepathy/Atlantean re-enforcements.

Nick Fury - Infinity Formula/experienced soldier/tech/links to most of superhero community/tactitian

Magneto - Magnetism manipulation/Genius level intellect

Beast - Super strength/stamina/agility/flexibility/coordination/balance/endurance/genius level intelligence/Accelerated healing factor/Pheromone manipulation

Doctor Strange - Genius level intellect/Soul Gem/Extended Life-span/High level magic user

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