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I recomend a light diet before reading this! 0

It made me want to barf, literally, and as a fan of this series i have to say i hadn't felt something so strong so visceral reading it since i read # 83. Damn i think at this point calling Robert Kirkman a bastard or an asshole is complementing him for his writing, you don't feel such a rollercoaster of emotion over poorly written stories.Once again Mr. Kirkman made me wish i hadn't eaten in a couple days. But that's ok, it's the kind of ride fans of the series (at least fans of the series who a...

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Preachy, aggresive, dull and condescendent. 0

So, Fear itself reaches the climax as Sin faces and snuffs Bucky Barnes, this issue deals with the reaction of Natasha, widow (both in name and character) to an online publication insensibly dismissing her husband's death.   The Good.      The art is great, Nasha looks quite stunning. And the topic it's pretty original or so it seems at the begining...  The Bad.  It all comes down to the writers attempt to justify cheapness in comic book death, so it instantly makes him a devil's advocade, it co...

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