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@gambler: Ohohoh..sorry.I'm BIG wonder woman fans too,also I'm Superman/supergirl fans,I read almost all of the Pre-crisis superman comics(action comics,superman,superman family,supergirl,superboy Adventure Comics,DC Comics Presents and Legion of Super-Heroes)I wouldn't say myself is a superman expert,but I'm sure I know a lot of PC superman

The wonder woman can match superman in power,This is from the beginning of the Post-crisis,In the Pre-crisis,only PC supergirl has feats can match superman,I think DC not attach too much importance to wonder woman

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@gambler: But wonder woman was very powerful charater,she not like PC mon-el,PC Ultra boy,or PC Martian Manhunter,they are serious mismatch to SA superman feats,so,even PC superman looks like use full power to fight with them,i dont belive they are can move a sun(PC mon-el best feats was move a moon, other once he and PC ultra boy moved a moon)ABC logic not work,because they are feats was serious mismatch to SA superman feats,but wonder woman has a lot of feats,how can you dont belive wonder woman cant take it?i mean,yes,maybe you are right,but based on the feats,wonder woman can take it,not these scan,just simple common sense,she has enough feats to match superman,she not like Pre-crisis wonder woman or other PC charater,they are almost like street character,like PC Validus,superman says he was dozen of times stronger than himself,but PC Validus full power just can destroy city,and almost kill PC superman(who once even take big bang,i think bro you know these scan,i give you)how can a city buster was dozen of times stronger than PC superman?he no feats can make me put his on the superman level,wonder woman was different,she has real superman level feats,so,Logic says she can handle,that my point

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@gambler: I know these scan,the superman power level,even back pre-crisis superman,he power always disaccord,even SA superman,he can take big bang,but sometime a city buster can hurt him(you know bro,back pre-crisis,superman absolute invulnerability,even other Kryptonians cant hurt him,of course,they are cant hurt each other)sometime a missilery can kill him

sometime SA superman struggle lift 100 tons,sometime he can lift galaxies weight,or universe weight

I know the DC write not always good,but wonder woman always close to superman in power level,There is no explanation,even superman's full extent of its power to fight with wonder woman,i belive she can take it,she not like PC mon-el,PC Ultra boy,they are feats was serious mismatch to SA superman,wonder woman has a lot of feats can put her on the superman level,that why i belive she can take it

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@gambler: Lol,i know what you mean,bro,but superman belive wonder woman is doomsday,he not hold back,how can you says he not full extent of its power?that too strange.superman not hold back,belive wonder woman is doomsday,and he not use full extent of its power to fight with her.....?

just strange,not logic

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@sandman_: sure,that was still very powerful feats,sbp took a kill all of the life in the universe explosion

no problem

WTF,what entropy?big bang not entropy

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@sandman_: The scan clear tell us,is not a big bang,just kill all of the life in the universe ,you can see scan,"rebuilt"doesnt mean anything

we can see scan:

the universe still here,but not life,you can see,even here has shine

you dont need to guess SA superman,read my scan,SA superman take a real big bang,that much better than SBP

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@slimj87d: why i need to prove SBP reaction time?why?tell me why,SBP can one shotted this guy,he doesnt need speed

of course,i know that is the black hole,but you not Answer my question:how size?how mass?why you can sure this was most small black hole?this just you hypothesis,read my point,sure,this black hole maybe was powerful,maybe small,or maybe just a strange things(because this was comics book)but we dont know this black hole 100% size and mass,you can not be quantify,unless write says this black hole size and mass i can agree this feats was Impressive

P.S,black hole feats,thor done it,bill done it,SS done it,superman done it,i dont see plutonian was better than them

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@angryhulks: cool,maybe you are right, Whatever the explanation,a bullding buster enough almost kill this guy

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@slimj87d: 1,too many unknow planet,star feats in the comic,superman can hold a small black hole,Drax pull a sun core(of course,this not strength feats,because the sun core just plasma)thor break neutron star and Gladiator destroy a unknow planet,all these feats was Cannot be quantified and unknown,read my point,I'm not say because this was unknow black hole that mean it would be weak,yes,he maybe powerful,maybe weak,maybe just strange things,but a simple fact:The writer does not tell us in the panel, the quality and accuracy of density.so,They can not be quantified,unless the writer tell us

2,no matter plutonian feats,i read his comics,he regular durable not Impressive,cant put him in your point,My view is based on the basis of the facts,how me to hyperbole?eh?

tell me,who hyperbole?

she not draw all of the gravity, astrophysical perspective, or from the perspective of her feat,she not possess entire stars power

so,how many?read she feats,if you dont like my math,Considering your feelings,i'll stop it,so,how many?

well,enough destroy building,a small pit

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