Marvel NOW! compared to the DC New52

First of all, Marvel is great because it has a way of creating stories that would fit into the modern time while not disturbing the stories of the past issues.Although not all the time but atleast they don't give a universe-wide reboot?(Not that I dislike reboots, especially on good stories). Second, marvel has a unique way of combining reality w fantasy. They provide questions w answers so that people would understand more that there is a science behind all the things that happen in the universe. With the upcoming relaunch called Marvel NOW!, at first, I thought it was a reboot, I felt devastated by it but after knowing that It wasn't I felt like a fog has been lifted. Nobody wants to see Marvel erasing every GREAT stories they've published in the past right? It's always difficult to accept when things happen but actually they don't happen, you'd feel like "oh this is a great book, too bad this doesn't actually happen, what's the point of buying it if It doesn't fit in w what's happening now?" no offense to others who do like reboots but it's just me. Anyway, for me Marvel NOW! is a good thing for Marvel, so that new readers could relate or somehow feel that everything's in order. It's like Marvel is going to finally get a shower after a long day of mud wrestling, but the thing is, after the shower, Marvel is still Marvel, only clothes and style are different but the history doesn't change, it keeps moving forward and doesn't have to get pulled back from the start again unlike DC that most of the characters and stories are not exactly the way that they are now, not that it is bad, some of it is good. Again, It's just me, no offense to others.. I am a Marvel but a DC fan also, DC has great stories but rebooting them just to cope w the future is not my thing, I'm a type of guy that follows history so to move to the future. Dc's new52 is good because characters become fresh, like being created for the first time again but the thing is, they're not created for the first time. DC is great and I'm not saying that the New52 is bad, infact I'ts good, atleast the change I really appreciate is the look and change of personalities, I must say it is VERY COOL. Anyway, for the last time, it's just me and this is my first blog