Steve Sabol - R.I.P.

Steve Sabol, the president of NFL Films, had died at 69 years of age after a relatively brief battle with cancer.

Steve's dad founded the company which became "NFL Films" and together the two of them used their technical innovation and passion for the game of football to give us fans things like slow motion replays, "miked-up" coaches and players, extreme close-ups and much, much more. If you've ever watched any NFL highlight shows, tapes or dvds, chances are it was Steve who was hosting the program. Under Steve's direction, NFL FIlms won over 100 emmy's.

Steve Sabol was a true pioneer in his field and a treasure to the game of football and it's fans. He worked as writer, producer, director, cameraman, host cinematographer during his career. Though he will be missed, his legacy will endure.

Steve Sabol as most will remember him
Steve & Ed Sabol with two of their many Emmys

Which DC Lady would be best for Hercules?

Assuming they are all available; which female DC character (heroine, villainess or normal) would be the best romantic match for Marvel's Hercules?

Pick anyone you think would be best.

Personally, I say Big Barda . . .

Or maybe Artemis.

Artemis by Ed Benes

Who do you think it would be?


Al Davis, Owner of the Oakland Raiders, has died.

Al Davis, owner of the Oakland Raiders has died at the age of 82.

He was the only person who ever held job all these title/positions: Personnel assistant, Scout, Assistant Coach, Head Coach, General Manager, League Commissioner and Owner/Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Al Davis was instrumental in advocating and establishing the long vertical/passing style of offense in the old A.F.L. and the N.F.L.

He was the first owner to hire a Hispanic/Latino head coach, an African-American head coach and a female head of business operations.

Al Davis also introduced for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame 9 people. More than any other person.

He was A.F.L. Coach of the Year in 1963 and won three Super Bowls (1976, 1980 and 1983 seasons) over the course of 8 years in two cities as owner of the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1992.

He revived many players careers when no one else would give them a chance, many of whom had their best years as Raiders.

His motto's were the Raiders' motto's: Commitment to Excellence. Pride and Poise. Just win, Baby!

Al Davis: July 4, 1929 to October 8, 2011.

Rest in Power. Rest in Peace.


Is the Thunderbolt of Zeus equal to the Odin-force?

The 'Thunderbolt of Zeus' is a phrase/term used to describe Zeus' sum total of Godly power and might in much the same way that the term 'Odin-force' has been used to describe the sum total of Odin's Godly power and might.  Both have been shown to pass-on to a successor upon the current wielder's death and it's been stated that these two are very close/practically equal in total power.   
So does this mean the 'Thunderbolt of Zeus' is the equivalent of the 'Odin-force?'   

Jack Kirby: What superhero-design was his most original?

Jack Kirby was one of comics most prolific creators ever.  He designed more significant comic superheroes than anyone else.   
Which of these superheroes do you think was/is the most original? 
I think it comes down to these two: 
Ben Grimm: The Thing
OMAC - One Man Army Corps
The Thing                                                                                                                                             OMAC 
                                                              What's your opinion? 

Big Barda appreciation. Who thinks she deserves some?

Big Barda is so cool, so hot and so bad-ass she deserves some appreciation. 
Big Barda is a character created by one of the greatest and most talented and prolific people to ever pick up a pencil; Jack "King" Kirby! 
Kirby based Barda's appearance on that of Playboy model/singer/actress Lainie Kazanand her personality on his wife Roz. 
Barda's a New God from Apokalips who became the leader of Darkseid's elite team of warriors/killers; the Female Furies.
She became the wife of Mr. Miracle, the son of Highfather, and a member of the Justice League of America.   
She's a super-strong, super-tough warrior who has proven herself to be on par with Wonder Woman in fighting skill.  
She's truly awesome yet so underrated.  She deserves some attention.  Here's some shots of her . . .  

Big Barda of Apokalips

Big Barda - Jack Kirby art

Big Barda - Ame-Comi Statue

Barda as a Green Lantern

Big Barda waiting by a Boom Tube

Big Barda and the Female Furies by Jack Kirby

Big Barda by Bruce Timm

Big Barda in Battle Armor

Big Barda - action figure based on Jack Kirby artwork

Big Barda - modern rendition showing her proper proportions by Ed McGuinness

She's one of the best !  Who else agrees?

What are your all-time favorite superhero vs superhero battles?

The superhero fights I always found most compelling were/are: 
Hercules vs Thor  -  I've always wanted Hercules to win. 
Thing vs Hulk        -  I've always wanted the Thing to win. 
Superman vs SHAZAM / Captain Marvel  -  I've went back and forth on this one over the years and I really don't care whom wins these fights, as long as the losing character is treated respectfully by the writer.