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@ccraft: My guess is the suit will help him focus his energy, instead of it simply blasting out he can do other things, such as activate machinery and such

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hmm, it would be a close match, thats for sure. However bane's greatest asset would be his venom, however I would say its a pretty safe bet that after seeing bane juice up, bullseye would use something to sever the tubes. From there it would be a battle of wits. I have to say bullseye would take the win, because he is used to fighting without powers, as well as having his adamantium laced skeleton, which would give him a resistance boost against bane

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@jonny_anonymous: well, we did see a picture a long time ago of an actor in the vulture suit, so its very likely

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untill now i always thought a turtle having a pet turtle was kinda weird, and creepy, but now it makes sense

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I would like to see a villain go through a redemption arc, maybe the prowler? He could fight spiderman a few times, then have an internal struggle of returning to crime, or fighting crime. I could see molten man, or possibly doc ock if they play it similar to the spidermaan 2 version (which I doubt) but it would be nice to see what could've happened if he survived, struggling to remain in control of his body, against his tentacles

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if he was a villain, why is it I can name two instances off the back of my head where he makes a moral decision and overcomes his instinct to destroy anyone afraid?

1 a man he later becomes friends with accidentally spilled coffee on a crocodile and was terrified as the beast attacked him, and instead of attacking the man, man thing saved him from the croc.

2 A plane was shot down in the swamp, and a group o twenty or so survivors were between man thing and a whole swarm of crocodiles and he protected the survivors, even though they were shaking in fear

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I actually found out they tried in one issue, but it all turned out to be a corrupt agent's ruse to try and hire his teammates onto the gig

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do you think man thing would be an interesting character to play as in a marvel ultimate alliance, or online marvel game? Maybe even star in a solo game like deadpool?

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In my opinion, Punisher would win, while Ollie has amazing accuracy and decent fighting skills, Frank has military training, a wider variety of weapons and fighting styles, and can keep his cool longer. So I think he would win

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hmmm...well since iron man creates ultron, maybe it would be neat if he has to give his life to destroy the monster he created, like maybe he has to use up all the energy from his arch reactor to blow ultron to bits, but ends up finally succumbing to the shrapnel in his heart? I think it would also work with Robert downey jr not doing more iron man movies