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Sigh 0

Im a huge fan of the FF series but the last 2 issues have been meh at best. I understand they are doing this because the fear itself storyline is going on and FF had a one shot tie in. But they couldve made it 2 issues and put it as issues 6 and 7 of the series instead of this. If they wanted to have this a storyline then make it q limited series rather then waste our time. If they had done that then it would have been better. What was wrong was....the first 5 pages had one thing said, which w...

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A man with no timeline 0

Ok what is there to say about the Booster Gold Flashpoint tie in issue. Well for one Im a huge Booster fan but havent read any other Flashpoint related issues but know enough. Booster being the time traveler and protector of the multiverse finds himself in a strange land....Coast City? Plus the army is attacking them for some reason. I wont explain any more.  Now I enjoyed this issue mainly because of the fact that well its Booster Gold. But if anyone who hasnt read (like me) or know anything ab...

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The Unworthy 0

In a chaotic world there are many who are considered worthy.....but not in this case.  Ok this is a Fear Itself tie in...well not really. Yeah it takes place during the Fear Itself storyline, yes a power Juggernaut makes a cameo but thats it. Deadpool doesnt get involved with whats going on. Instead he simply finds a large hammer and makes it look like one of the magical ones and tricks the biggest loser (no..Im not talking about the show) of a villian and tricks him to believe they are worthy. ...

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Thank goodness I got this as a free digital 0

Im just starting to get into the Fear Itself story. So I download all the Worthy tie ins. Now I already read the sin issue which was good considering I had no idea about her backstory besides she was the daughter the red skull. This issue is the same but nothing we didnt already know. Its like 4 pages long and just does the Hulk's origin without anything leading up to Fear Itself. Its ok as a small origin story but there is nothing to tie into fear itself. Sin's issue ended right where Fear Itse...

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