Charlotte Mini Comic Con

This Sunday Ill be attending the tri annually Charlotte Mini comic con. Now this isnt anywhere near the magnitude of the ones in New York and San Diego. It doesnt really have anyone to get excited about...heck its in a very small conference room in a hotel. Enough room for maybe 10 shops to have a table or 2 and maybe 10 indy tables. Its only for one day for every event which is about 3 times a year which this is the second. 
But what get me excited about this convention is the simplicity of it. Charlotte, NC has a far bigger convention every June which I will get to in another blog but the reason I go is the deals.At the last convention I found 3 boxes from a shop with a sign that read "10 for $1" which I bought as many as I can find any good ones. Now Sunday I will do the same but different. Ill bring $10 and look at every table shop, and choose whoever has the cheapest price whether its $.25, $.50 or if Im lucky even less. If there are are more then one with the same price Ill just go with whoever has the biggest selection and then only spend money there. 
Now occasionally they will have something to want to go to it. Last year they had advertised the actress who played Lois Lane in the 50s was going to be there to sign autographs but with 2 weeks before the event, cancelled, due to health.  
On Mon. I will give another blog detailing the convention with a list of finds. Until then, keep reading.
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