Are the best comics the ones most have never heard of?

Just last month, I went to Heroes con which is a 3 day comic convention held every June in Charlotte, NC. Now it always goes as this, one section is for the shops, one section for the artist/writers/etc, one section for the normal artist selling their stuff and one section for the indy stuff.  Now I always make sure to take a gandure there to see what the world of "Ive never heard of" comics and always make sure to buy at least one Indy comic. This year I got the indy comic "Zombieyears" which is a small comic series about the zombie appocolapse in Miami, FL. Now after reading the first issue, it got me thinking. This is some pretty good $hit. Now its no "walking dead" but it to me is a part of a long line of comics that despite most people have never heard probably better then most of the stuff out there. 
There was one comic in particular where I got it at the convention 3 years ago called "Light Children", what drew my attention was how original it was. It takes place in an underground society and deals with a group of children each with unique powers dealing with light as they learn the truth of whats going on. Now I bought the 1st book (its not issues just a book) and couldnt wait for the next one...but nothing yet. Which is quite a shame since its probably one of the best comics Ive ever read.  
One particular series that drew my attention was Drunken Monkey....yeah its exactly what it sounds like but after meeting the creator. I was intrigued really based on the covers, after a certain issue where people assumed it was paying homage to a movie (some said Star Wars and I said "Army of Darkness") even though that wasnt his intention, he decided to from that point on make the cover ref. either a movie or a famous comic cover. Sadly I didnt buy an issue however I did become a fan the covers themselves and if he returns next year...Ill probably buy at least one issue. 
Now there are other great indy stuff out there that are possibly better then what know of and you have never heard of. So if you find one, pick one up. Most likely it will be better then what you normally read.
Posted by Shadow_Thief

At risk of sounding like a hipster, I have to agree with you, and I feel that there's a few reasons that this is true. The less mainstream titles tend to have smaller production teams, which in turn leads to more direct creative control and communication between all parties involved. Many of these titles are also targeting a specific demographic of reader, whereas many big names are trying to appeal to as broad an audience as possible. This means that the little guys can focus more on what they want to do with the stories and characters, rather than trying to contort everything for marketing reasons.

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i also have to agree. with indie comics they are more than able to take more risks because so more often then not they will not be able to last long and have a very finite number of issues available. when you have a ticking clock all your creativity can spill out without fear of your comic being rejected and when that type of unrestrained passion is put in a comic most readers can feel it and the comic transcends from being just another comic into something much more. the saddest part is the money and perks that come from being published in a big comic company like DC, Marvel, etc. also comes with restraints that stem the real creativity from its authors and in all honesty the only people involved who really are allowed to shine are the artists. 

Posted by tim2081

Mainstream comics have to follow a bureaucratic structure. Indie titles have significantly higher potential.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

I feel the need to get into more obscurer comics for satisfying stories though I seldom do.

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I think it's absolutely a good thing to branch out and try different types of comics. While the independent comics have more freedom for new ideas many times they also lack a history and an epicness that you might find with the major publishers.  
What I don't like is when you get the elitists who believe they are somehow better or more enlightened because they read those books. 

Posted by PowerHerc

I don't know if they're the best, but they are some ot the best. Definitely.