Heroes con 2012

Sadly I didnt meet Stan Lee. The website forgot to mention one itsy bitst detail unless you went to a blog....Stan Lee charges $50 for autographs. Which is fine but I didnt bring the money. To make sure I dont spend a fortune in 3 days, I bring $20 a day...and only that (plus extra money for lunch), if I knew a head of time I wouldve brought more money. But I did get a glimpse of him...so for now thats good enough. As for the haul. I did pretty good: Secret Wars #8 (debut of the symbote), #11, and 12 Secret wars II #3-4,6-8 Amazing Spiderman Annual #21 (wedding) Amazing spiderman #366, 381, 387 Web of spiderman #2, 30 and 38 Spiderman #19 Spectacular Spiderman #226 Spidergirl #0-1 Action comics #563, 696, 704-705, 764, 766, 783, 785, 804 Adventure comics annual #1, 3 Adventure comics #426, 527, 533 Man of steel #3 Superman #110, 222 Superman man of steel #1, 39 Flashpoint project superman #1 Flashpoint lois lane and the resistance #1 Elseworlds: superman kal Flashpoint; abin sur green lantern #1 Booster Gold vol 1 #1, 19 Booster gold vol 2 #2, 4-6, 9-14, 25, 47 Flash #156 Fantastic Four #238 FF #14, 16 What ifvol 2 #110 West coast avengers #1-4 Avengers #236-237 Mighty Avengers #7 Mighty thor vol 2 #7

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Stan Lee in Charlotte, NC

For the 5th straight year I will be attending Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC (June 22-24) in the past they have had such guests as Roy Thomas (Conan the Barberian), Mike Mignola (Hellboy), Mick Foley (WWE legend) and many others. But this year they have the greatest man in comics. Stan Lee, will be attending for the first time in 30 years. People who payed an extra $120-$175 got a vip pass with perks that allowed them to get pics and autographs before everyone else. But Stan Lee wanted to make sure everyone got a chance, including staying an extra day (now sat and sun) and hosting a second panel (vips are allowed in first). Of course Ill be on line (couldnt afford a vip) and will try to attend a panel.


Hi my name is Power_struggle55 and I am a recovering Comiholic

Last year when I reached the milestone of 1000 comics owned. I realized oh my god I am obsessed. So as one of my near year's resolutions (also includes loose weight) was to cut back on comics in 2012. I recently moved into a new place that is basically like an outdoor mall with roads and homes above the stores. I live around the corner from the Barnes and Nobles (takes me no more then 5 min. to get there). They recently started selling a lot of comics (before it was just maybe 5-10 or so and most were kiddy, they now sell most of the good stuff). So instead of just buying them, putting them in a box, then forgetting about it until I need to transfer it into a new box to make room. I read the issue and put it back. Ill download free comics via the marvel comics app on my Ipad 2. Only buy when I go to a convention near me (there is a 3 day and a tri anual one) but not over spend like in the past.

When I checked to see how much I spent last year on comics. To see how much Ill save. I was shock and a little not suprised to find out I spent nearly $700 worth at comic shops, conventions, amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and other places that sell them via cash and gift cards. This isnt just a small habit to break, its a life changer.

So far Im 4 days into my new plan. Read 2 comics ("Incredible Hulk #3" and the current issue of "Avengers") and I do plan on reading 1 today. So far in 2012, Ive spent $0 on comics. I know 2012 is still in its infancy but I wont be suprised if by the end of the year (if the world is still around) I would have spent at most $100 at comic conventions and thats it.

I want you to look at how many you have. Estimate how much you spent and think about it. Are you a Comiholic?


Charlotte Mini Comic Con

This Sunday Ill be attending the tri annually Charlotte Mini comic con. Now this isnt anywhere near the magnitude of the ones in New York and San Diego. It doesnt really have anyone to get excited about...heck its in a very small conference room in a hotel. Enough room for maybe 10 shops to have a table or 2 and maybe 10 indy tables. Its only for one day for every event which is about 3 times a year which this is the second. 
But what get me excited about this convention is the simplicity of it. Charlotte, NC has a far bigger convention every June which I will get to in another blog but the reason I go is the deals.At the last convention I found 3 boxes from a shop with a sign that read "10 for $1" which I bought as many as I can find any good ones. Now Sunday I will do the same but different. Ill bring $10 and look at every table shop, and choose whoever has the cheapest price whether its $.25, $.50 or if Im lucky even less. If there are are more then one with the same price Ill just go with whoever has the biggest selection and then only spend money there. 
Now occasionally they will have something to want to go to it. Last year they had advertised the actress who played Lois Lane in the 50s was going to be there to sign autographs but with 2 weeks before the event, cancelled, due to health.  
On Mon. I will give another blog detailing the convention with a list of finds. Until then, keep reading.
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Are the best comics the ones most have never heard of?

Just last month, I went to Heroes con which is a 3 day comic convention held every June in Charlotte, NC. Now it always goes as this, one section is for the shops, one section for the artist/writers/etc, one section for the normal artist selling their stuff and one section for the indy stuff.  Now I always make sure to take a gandure there to see what the world of "Ive never heard of" comics and always make sure to buy at least one Indy comic. This year I got the indy comic "Zombieyears" which is a small comic series about the zombie appocolapse in Miami, FL. Now after reading the first issue, it got me thinking. This is some pretty good $hit. Now its no "walking dead" but it to me is a part of a long line of comics that despite most people have never heard of..is probably better then most of the stuff out there. 
There was one comic in particular where I got it at the convention 3 years ago called "Light Children", what drew my attention was how original it was. It takes place in an underground society and deals with a group of children each with unique powers dealing with light as they learn the truth of whats going on. Now I bought the 1st book (its not issues just a book) and couldnt wait for the next one...but nothing yet. Which is quite a shame since its probably one of the best comics Ive ever read.  
One particular series that drew my attention was Drunken Monkey....yeah its exactly what it sounds like but after meeting the creator. I was intrigued really based on the covers, after a certain issue where people assumed it was paying homage to a movie (some said Star Wars and I said "Army of Darkness") even though that wasnt his intention, he decided to from that point on make the cover ref. either a movie or a famous comic cover. Sadly I didnt buy an issue however I did become a fan the covers themselves and if he returns next year...Ill probably buy at least one issue. 
Now there are other great indy stuff out there that are possibly better then what know of and you have never heard of. So if you find one, pick one up. Most likely it will be better then what you normally read.