Always a competitor, never a winner

Being an active member of the battles forum, I have participated in just about every tournament/war created so far. And while I have done well in most of these, I just realized I have never actually won a single fight. 
Ferro and Luna's Build-a-battle thread: Power NeXus vs Retnex--- I lost. 
Power NeXus vs Retnex: unofficial rematch--- Tied 
Power NeXus and Retnex vs Spiderpigbart and Donovan Montgomery--- Never finished. 
Marvel tournament: Power NeXus vs Static Shock--- Static conceded due to boredom 
Marvel tournament: Power NeXus vs Spiderpigbart--- Spiderpig conceded before voting could commence 
Marvel tournament: Power NeXus vs Matezoide--- I lost. 
Create-a-hero Tournament: Power NeXus vs Dedmanwalkin--- I conceded when I mistakenly thought I was heavily outmatched. 
 War Tourney: Power NeXus vs Dane--- Dane concedes before debate begins 
War Tourney: Power NeXus vs Spiderpigbart--- Spiderpigbart concedes before voting can commence
War Tourney: Power NeXus vs Lunacyde--- Never finished 
Challenge-a-viner: Power NeXus vs Dedmanwalkin--- Never finshed 
Gladiator Arena: Power NeXus vs Reactor--- Never finished 
Create-a-tournament tournament: Power NeXus vs OblivionKnight--- OblivionKnight concedes due to excessive homework. 
Marvel vs DC War: Power NeXus vs Donovan Montgomery--- Currently in progress. I posted my starting argument two days ago, and Don has not replied yet.

Are you kidding me, Marvel? Edward Norton was perfect!

In my opinion, Edward Norton was pretty much the perfect choice from Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk. Now he's gone because he 'doesn't embody the collaborative spirit' or some crap like that, and they're thinking of replacing him with Joaquin Phoenix?? 
Joaquin Phoenix?? 
Are you freakin kidding me, Marvel?

Where do the X-Men get off shunning Gambit?

When the X-Men found out what Gambit did when he was with the Marauders, they pretty much perma-banned him from their 'group'. He's still allowed on Ulopia and everything, but nobody gives him anything but a cold shoulder at best. What gives the X-Men the right to treat Gambit like this? Emma Frost was once the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, but now they all trust her so much that she's sleeping with the X-Men's leader. Namor has tried to eradicate the 'surface-dwellers' from the Earth more times than I can remember, but they're practically begging him to stay around on Utopia. Wolverine has done more crap in his life than most of the rest of the X-Men combined, but every single one of them would trust him with their lives. Mystique was allowed to be on Rogue's personal squad a while ago, and she's just about the most devious schemer in the X-Men universe. Now they've even allowed FREAKING MAGNETO to chill with them on Utopia. They were very very reluctant, of course, but they still let him into the group. 
What was it about what Gambit did that makes him SOOO much worse than any of the other people I just mentioned??


Charles Xavier is a heartless ba$tard.

Even though Cyclops now has full leadership of the X-Men, and Charles is obsolete, Charles Xavier is still generally thought of the wise, benevolent leader of the X-Men. 
I have no idea. He's completely sick. 
Let me list off a few reasons for you... 
1. He never gives a flying crap when his students die. 
First, he put together the original team of X-Men. They went through a few roster changes, everything was cool. Then he sent the team to investigate Krakoa. Cyclops was the only one who returned. All the rest were, presumably, dead. So Xavier said, "Hmm. Now that my whole team of seasoned veterans has probably been killed by a mysterious adversary, I think I'll put together a smaller team of completely inexperienced teens, and send them to the same island." Then that whole team died too (well, two of them actually survived, but Xavier had every reason to believe they were all dead). Xavier thought, "Hmmm. A whole team of dead kids might besmirch my reputation. I'll just mindwipe everyone who knew they existed. Now, even though I still have no evidence at all that the original team is even alive, I'll make another team of mutants, and send them to the island! Maybe this team won't die or anything." With luck, this team actually managed to rescue the original team, to which Xavier said, "Yay! The original team is safe (screw the second team, nobody cares about them)! This totally justifies everything I've done up to this point!"  
Some time later on, the entire team (now a mix of the first and third teams, plus some new guys) got abducted by the Brood. Xavier fully believed they were all dead. So he said, "Crap! Now my whole team is dead! Now I have to put together another team of random kids and throw them into a war zone. I think I'll call this new team the New Mutants. I guess ''X-Men" is just unlucky or something. And just so I don't freak the kids out and make them want to leave, the information I give them about the original teams will be completely minimal."
2. Even if your mutant powers are totally useless, you still have to put on a uniform and be a superhero if you want to stay at his school. 
Case in point: Doug Ramsey. Doug had the ability to instantly understand languages. That power isn't worth a steaming pile of dog s#it in a fight against mutant terrorists and Sentinels. Doug was often even a hindrance to the rest of the team, since they constantly had to go out of their way to keep him from getting killed. But, nevertheless, Xavier had his rule: If you are a mutant who wants the sanctuary and protection of my super-secret school, then you are required to put on a stupid costume and constantly risk your life for my ideals. If you don't want to do that, then GTFO fool.  
And wasn't if just convenient for him that mutant powers so often manifest during puberty, when a kid is still very confused and easily impressionable about what they should do with their lives. Then when their powers manifest and their whole life suddenly goes to Hell in a handbasket, they are easy pickings for Xavier to find them, pretend to be a wise man with a safe school, then indoctrinate (see also: brainwash) them into believing in his personal ideals and worldview.
3. Xavier never even went into battle himself. 
I can just imagine the dialogue... 
DOUG RAMSEY: Professor Xavier, if you are so keen on making all of us risk our lives for your all-important ideals, then why don't you ever go out into the field with us? 
CHARLES XAVIER: Stupid question. I'm in a wheelchair, you moron. I'm totally useless in a fight. 
DOUG: Yeah, so am I. But you still make me fight... 
CHARLES: I am a helpless invalid!!! 
DOUG: You're one of the most powerful mutants on earth, and you don't even need your legs to use your powers. 
CHARLES: Shut up, kid! You expect me to fight in this stupid wheelchair?? 
DOUG: We have the tech to build one of the world's most advanced combat training centers in our basement. We have the tech to make a visor that completely stops Cyclops' eyebeams, one of the most powerful destructive forces on earth. We have the tech to make a suit that keeps Havok's powers in check. Beast used simple spare parts we had lying around to make a machine that overloaded Unus' force field. I'm sure that, if you actually tried, you could scrounge up the tech for a good battle-ready hoverchair. 
CHARLES: Stfu, whelp!!!! )))***mindwiiiiiiiipe***((( This conversation never happened. Now go fight Magneto for me. 
4. Juggernaut 
Xavier pretty much made Juggernaut the villian he would be for most of his life. He was a pompous little pr!ck when they were growing up. Cain was jealous of Charles for being favored by their father. And Charles, even when his telepathy developed and he could see into Cain's mind and sense his jealous hatred, did absolutely nothing to keep all bridges with his step-brother from being burned. 
5. Legion 
Not much of a point to expand on here, but having an illegitimate son who wants to kill you isn't exactly a positive thing. 
6. Danger 
Charles Xavier tried to lock away the existant of a senting being, for the sake of giving his precious X-Men a cooler training room. 
When Xavier first incorporated Shi'Ar technology into the Danger Room, he did not expect the tech to become self-aware. The being reached out to Xavier, asking, "Where am I"?. Xavier knew that the existance of a sentient force in the technology you put a real crimp in his plans to use the tech for the Danger Room. So he did his best to just 'shut away' the being so it wouldn't mess up his plans.