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Hit girl is to fast and lethal with bladed weapons for him.

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@ghostrider2: no he's not, Dr strange had far more sins tHan supereman as well as some selfish ambitions. One major sin was him having a hand I'm sending the Hulk away, Strange has some blood on him. Also it's not like GR had to work very hard to position him for the penance stare, while superman could easily dodge it.

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@ghostrider2: wow why are people making it seem as if I have something against GR, just because I don't think he can beat superman? Your scan shows GR burning the souls of villians, not only that they are weaker than Superman how does this help your point?

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What a surprise, more of your biased opinions. Whoop tee do he could hit the Phantom Stranger.

-Don'the low ball the feat, Phantom stranger is superior to GR in magic and capability even being able to transmute the spectre. Stranger being a more powerful magic user than GR and superman being susceptible to magic makes a very strong case for him surviving GR.-

We established a long time ago that physical attacks aren't enough to stop GR. "Reguarly commits too in every single book"..Yeah since when does GR have to save Heaven on a daily basis,stop Satan 666 times,and his other feats on a regular basis?

-however physical attacks are enough to keep him at bay while GR lacks the strength or magic to formulate and awnser to supremans vastly superior physical feats, which he again used to battle PS and can to battle GR. You act as if GR stands and soaks damage from weaker beings with his hands on his waist, no he does not because that's what superman does. Ghost rider can and has been knocked around by physically stronger characters and with superman the outcome will be no different. Your copping out again, the frequency of how often GR has to save the world should hold no bearing on rather or not he could do it if the situation doesn't call for it. If Galactus came to earth on a random encounter can GR turn on the juice grow 2000 ft and combat him right on the spot? No he couldn't, Superman would prove way more of an issue in that kind of encounter than GR.

You make incredibly poor arguments and then try to downgrade GR with them all because he doesn't do it every single time. That's like downplaying when Spawn rewrote creation all because he doesn't do it "regularly."

-No its not like that at all, Spawn had an amp to help him complete that feat, it's not a base spawn feat and it's not something Spawn can do anytime he pleases. It is still a feat but again they were story based, it's not like he sprouted wings to battle chapel. Same for GR, I can give his feats credit but I am not going to act like he commits to them for every situation. No these abilities aren't always needed for Ghost Rider to win, but where are these abilities when they are needed? He needed help to take down Hellverine, who had mystical power but no where near Superman's league in physicals, Hellverine was able to whip him around by his chain, why couldn't superman do this?-

Superman isn't even on the level that you try to describe him on because GR has faced opponents that can match Superman yet you sit there and deny it. GR one upping Thor is GR still beating Thor whether you want to admit it or not. Actually you do need to prove that you know anything about GR because if you already had knowledge on him then you wouldn't have been surprised by the feats that were shown. You would have known about them already and your comments indicate that you obviously haven't been reading his books therefore you cannot state an opinion on him when you don't even know what he's fully capable of.

-fighting a superman level character and beating them are two different things once again. GR hasn't beaten anyone upper level without either an amp or supernatural connotation. Also a I never stated that "I lacked knowledge on GR", what I said was I have no knowledge of the difference in properties between DC hellfire and Marvel Hellfire and you don't either moot point.-

It's easy to say GR has no way to stop Superman when you don't even read the books. Here's the funny thing about Helspont. He knocked the crap out of Superman yet got his ass handed to him by Grifter when he used his psychic powers on him. Point being, Superman isn't as great as you make him out to be and physical strength isn't everything

-Low balling again, Grifter has been proven to have a high level of telepathy as well as tactile strength. Helspont has yet to show his classic level of Telepathy while writers have steadily increased cole's. Again that doesn't make Helspont weak, it just means Cole is that powerful.-

You really need to get off it already about the strength difference. Ghost Rider does not need to have any showings of strength to beat Superman. If you think strength matters whether a fight is won or not, then you aren't very good at arguments or debates. That's about as bad as when I see people pit Scorpion from MK against Ghost Rider and Scorpion fans say Scorp can beat GR with "martial arts." "Would get easily knocked around"..Rofl says you. GR stood up to World War Hulk when he wasn't even at his strongest if you want to go on and on about facing someone physically stronger than him. Ghost Rider's feats aren't rare bud. Ghost Rider has very few titles to his name compared to Superman who's been in multiple books on multiple occasions. When GR does something, it counts. Not to mention there was that time the female Ghost Rider had her power amped up by Adam and Blaze had to stop her from killing Mephisto because had she succeeded then it would've screwed up reality. Ghost Rider wins.

-what do you want from me? I gave you credit for proving Superman's inability to permanently put GR down (still debatable), like I said that's all I'm going to give you.

@dregonspengler There's plenty of proof that it'd work. The penance stare works on anyone who is capable of sin. The "innocent" have been affected just as much as the guilty have by it. Idk why people always bring up the Penance Stare because Ghost Rider doesn't even use it as many times as people think. He uses it in some of his encounters sure, however most of the time he resorts to his other abilities. "Could dodge it", Just because he could doesn't mean he can. GR's made hellfire rain from the sky before. Ghost Rider can cover far more ground than Superman can with his abilities. See the thing about Superman is a vast majority of what he does is through plot. Superman is the character who is most notorious for gaining abilities on the go just so he can beat the villain or whoever in the story. That factor is why some people don't like his character. A guy who can "pretty much do anything" or w.e the complaint was that I've seen before.

- False you are referring to SA Superman, he's the superman that was known to create new powers on the fly not pre-52 or new 52. None of Superman's abilities are plot based because he commits to the same kinds of feats in nearly every book, I don't have to search hard for scans of what Superman regulary does, I can just book up his last 15 books in order. While you need to dig through spotty feats spre add years apart in between eachother, I have even seen some SA Ghostrider feats in this thread. What has GR done in his last 5 books and/or appearances that proves he can put down Superman?-

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@gambit474: You know what I meant about 7 consistent showings of a feats, I mean feats that Ghostrider regularly commits too in every single book. Or consistent fights in which his powers regularly depict him either stale mating or beating someone with Superman's level of Speed, Durability, flight, thought speed, and strength say like Sentry perhaps or blue marvel or even miss marvel. Your low balling Superman when ghost rider has struggled with street levelers, and rarely contends with beings above Hulk without story Amps. Also it should be noted I post from a smart phone, Im not sure how to post scans this way. I do have the scans of Superman striking Phantom stranger and actually being able to fight him physically and in the metaphysical. Wasn't a win but it can prove superman is not helpless against supernatural beings, especially one that may be more of a threat than Zarathos. As I said the burden of proof doesn't really fall on me when we are talking about rather or not DC and Marvel Hellfire differ. My argument is that there is no way to be sure, yours is that you are indeed sure. That was the original argument, and I don't need proof about my not knowing, you need to prove how you are so sure. Did you see how hard Helspont hit him? Why is that a bad showing for superman, maybe Helspont is just that strong. Its irreverent anyway because ghostrider would easily get knocked around by superman though he may get up wash repeat. Sorry not seeing quintillion ton lifting feats for GR.

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@gambit474: you don't have any more proof about hell fire than I do so don't try to put the responsibility of proof solely on my person, as I said it's a moot point so neither of us have an edge on that argument. Admit when I am wrong? I have shown you and your point of views a high degree of admiration and respect while your attitude towards me keeps getting more and more derogatory the further we debate. Forcing the burden of proof upon me on a subject in which you lack the same proof yet I am in denial. Doesn't matter who supports your claims especially when it's the same 4 or 5 people making the same comments, nobody I know who posted on the original GR vs Superman thread is even here and aren't very active in repetitive battles unless it's to close it. This site regularly gets a fresh batch of 2 year veterans who run into a few other viners who share their views, they build a good rappart with each other than make themselves the majority by ganging up on other viners who do not share their views in a thread. Trust me this has been done before and it is not as clear cut as you are making it out to be. Standing up to Thor and beating him are two different things, and based off of the claims of GR's abilities made here by all conventional means he should have stomped Thor but he hasn't, didn't, and probably never will. Beating the avengers as a team is starting to become taboo, Blue Marvel gave the avengers a great fight and they had a much stronger lineup going in against him then when they faced GR. Now Listen To What You Just said, kryptonite gum. Seeing as Though that's Supermans weakness I fail to see your point. The feats you are posting are inconsistent, why do marvel hero's get so much credibility for sometimey feats? You cannot provide me with more than 7 consistent scans of GR committing these hail Mary abilities against Thor, Hulk, Gladiator, or even Deathwatch, beings he barely contends with physically. They are all plot based and are not capabilities GR pulls out everytime he is challanged, otherwise he would never lose and we both know that he has. Hell it was to my understanding Danny Ketch is supposedy the strongest GR and Next Wave 3 mediocre street levelers blew him to pieces, this can be done to GR as well he just can reform himself. You have made a point for GR being put down permanently but you have yet to prove me wrong about him being able to put Supreman down. I don't see why superman couldn't do just as well as The Hulk or Thor against GR if not better. Lastly you keep copping out making me out to be the one making biased claims with no proof, yet you have only provided story based feats that GR doesn't use regularly that fits whatever story he is involved in with no hard evidence of your own on how these things can effect Superman. Scans of what GR can do every now and then is one thing, proving thesee rare feats against someone with more consistent feats is another. Truth is there are no instance in which 52 Superman has been shown defeated by abilities similar to GR's so there is plenty of burden of proof to pass around except for one thing....there really is none either way so there in thou rests another moot point. Physically Superman is superior to GR, however that doesn't mean GR won't get back up after superman knocks him to pieces and I will give you that but that's all I'm giving you and it's still not a loss for superman.

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This is a rough battle. Skill wise DC has it, however wolverine makes a huge difference. Some books he has been knocked out before, and other books he tanks and keeps on going. Usually though I see wolverine have the most trouble with very skilled martial artists, even with his durability and healing factor its during these hand to hand encounters I see him being bested the most. Ogun gives him a good fight everytime, wolverine has even admitted Ogun may be able to take him. Not only that Mr. X has beaten him on 2 consecutive occasions as well, with physical attacks. It's strange to see that in one book, and then see wolverine walking away from a nuke the next. Based off of wolverines consistent performance against highly skilled martial artists, I think the Mercs can take it.