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My problems with the argument for Nate is despite what he can do, he rarely uses these abilities. Where was all of this when he was fighting the Sentry? Superman Primes abilities Are proven by consistency, not by rare and certain occasions like 50% of marvel heroes I'm afraid.

It drives me crazy to see combat tactics brought up in battle threads based off of one feat, or plausibility but they are never utilized in the books in a way that says they can do this all of the time. If Nate did half of the things some of you mentioned he would be unbeatable.

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If Crossbones did so well against Cap, I don't see why Bane couldn't.

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@theirishdoctor: Ollie is way better than Batroc. Batroc is not equal in skill to anybody Ollie has struggled with. Even Bronze Tiger has shown better fighting feats than Batroc. Why try to make Roys formidable feat a wank, then wank a combatant who's fight barely lasted 2 minutes and he got beat easily?

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@rbt: I must agree, and after the latest episode I'm even more convinced. The henchmen slade broke out of prison were enhanced with a weaker version of the mirakuru then his, and even they were showing comparable physical stats to Cap and Bucky. These guys were breaking bones easily and one took out a whole police station with little effort. Not saying cap couldn't do the same. I'm just saying he hasn't shown me anything as far as strength, skills, regen, or durability without his shield that Slade hasn't already topped with his small showings.

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@rbt: I agree with you RBT, I think Cap is getting the new movie wank. Roy Haper easily punched through a steel bomb blast door with one hand and ripped it open. The same Roy Harper gave slade the same kind of punch while slade was off guard and and not fighting back and the hit hardly moved him. Roy has the weaker version of the Mirikuru and has shown comparable H2H and strength feats to Cap and Bucky, not only has slade tanked hits from a guy who can punch through steel and concrete like nothing, he's even overpowered him in a handshake. Cap has some great feats of skill especially with his shield, but I did not see physical prowess that was leaps and bounds over Roy let alone Slade.

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@ghostravage: it is not an assumption it is a fact, copying moves does not give task master an understanding of how he did them. He also still needs to watch the techniques to perform them which your scan clearly states. There are a few street levelers who know about Chi especially Batman, so its not such a great feat for TM to know it considering you do not have to be superhuman to use chi and he can copy moves that are not superhuman easier than moves that are because he cannot duplicate powers. Taskmaster mostly enters fights with a regular set, he rarely comes into fights on the fly copying moves of top tier fighters and immediately beating them with it. I have seen him pick up a move or two during a fight but not a whole skill set.

Besides even without copying moves Batman can already do anything tasmaster can do and then some. He also uses base styles of combatants batman can beat, and his best and most utilized styles require weapons which half of the opponents he is facing don't use regularly. Without Caps shield, wolverines claws, elektra's Sai's etc, TM's raw H2H feats against top tier fighters (unarmed) are unproven.

Edit: I disagree that TM has mastered more styles than Batman. He may know key moves of 100 or so fighters but that does not imply that he knows their whole skill set without observing every move in their skill set. Watching Iron Fist fight once, does not mean he knows all of Kun Lin Kung Fu. What if Iron Fist only used certain moves in a fight? Taskmaster is restricted to what he observes, so he may only have copied what moves were visually available. Now TM can predict body language, and that is enough for him to utilize against an opponent whose styles he has copied but lacks full knowledge of the disciplines. He may know the Chi punches and how to copy movements but that does not make him a master of it to the same Degree as the people he is observing.

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@wolverine08: except he doesn't get to use weapons, something he is known to use regularly. He also hasn't been shown to copy moves on the fly, he has to watch a style in order to copy it as far as I'm concerned. Also as I said before copying a fighting style and understanding the principles of each discipline is two different things, and to my knowledge taskmaster can copy actions but he still needs to learn the principles in order to understand what he's doing. Without a true level of understanding of an art you cannot master it, copying someones moves is not mastering their disciplines.

Batman has actually mastered 50 martial arts disciplines entirely, not just a few moves exhibited by characters who may have only been using a few moves in their skill set anyway. Also TM's H2H feats meaning no weapons are lacking compared to most of the people in this gauntlet. I still give him until Batman to lose though, TM is a beast.

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@Owen_porter: @nick_hero22: Im inclined to agree with both of you. I do like task master, but he doesnt consistently copy the fighting styles of those he is facing on the fly. I have mostly seen him studying them first, not sure he can get passed Batman who knows over 100 styles and like taskmaster combines them into a hybrid style. Even if he had the skill list of over 100 fighters, he may not understand all the principles of each individual disciplines. Being able to copy them is one thing, understanding them is another.

Also a case could be made for a few fighters that have beaten taskmaster, who are generally considered on Par or even lesser than Batman. These are all skilled H2H combatants, each versed in multiple styles. Taskmaster is just one man who knows the general skill set of a lot of heroes and is in peak physical shape, but still one guy. I don't think a multitude of copied styles guarantee a win for him. It is not implausible to think the Taskmaster could still be bested by fighters who use styles better than the ones hes using at the time. Hey, I could be wrong though.

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Slade minimal difficulty

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@vegandiet: fact remains he had enough physical prowess to contend. Batman regularly uses killing blows on foes he knows posses superhuman stregnth and durability he has instructed cassandra to do it on ocassion as well. I'm simply saying a case can be made for the team or even either of them to solo hi difficulty with equipment that effect sensory perception of any kind like flash bangs, sonics, so on and so fourth. Spider man has been bested by lesser distractions. A case can also be made for hand to hand in favor of the team as well due to them regularly fighting foes with superhuman stregth.