Daken's purpose..

I love Daken every since he first showed up using his pheromones to stay out of his opponents line of sight, every since he slashed wolverines throat and smacked around Deadpool. He's just cool to me but one problem with him I have always had, is his reasoning. What exactly is Daken trying to do and why? Why does he still mess with Wolverine when it has been made evident to him that Wolverine did not kill his mother? At this point I see no reason for him to be doing things like teaming up with Sabretooth and or basically every other super villain his father ever had just to spite him. Now I'm starting to feel like everything about his characters personality is forced, just to create another person with a reason to hate wolverine. Any thoughts on this?


All Versions of Superman Vs Marvel Earth Heroes, Shiar, Skrulls..

An interdimensional force has begun ravaging the omniverse and it has already started destroying the Universe in Kal kent's time. Desperate for help Kal Kent punches through reality in search of the only beings powerful enough and willing to help him, All Supermen good and evil across time and space! As well as any Kandorians left alive after the war with earth, Sodom yat, and Mon El! However this drastic move was too late and the DC Universe has already been mostly destroyed in all of it's plains of existence. With only most of the DC Universe left the Supermen Journey to the Marvel Universe in hopes of finding help from Franklin Richards in order to rebuild their respective realities, Franklin's powers combined with Superman Prime 1 million is capable of restoring the DC Omniverse. Unfortunately all of the Supermen in the Marvel Universe causes an imbalance in power, and if they do not rid themselves of all Supermen The Milky way galaxy and it's neighboring galaxies could be destroyed. Reed Richards not sure if he can trust the Superman Dynasty decides not to let Franklin help, and instead unites all of earths heroes in a battle to remove all Supermen. He has Professor X call the Shiar for help while he calls upon The Skrulls including their Primordial god and Super Skrull the Kree assisted by Nova Prime and the Inhuman's will also get involved as well. Fight starts on earth and will eventually take to Space in order to protect earth. Earths heroes are their most powerful versions, when the fight takes to space all Supermen gain the advantage of being close to the Sun.... Superboy Prime is in his Superman Prime incarnation, Hank Henshaw has all Quardian rings and SA Superman has the Sword of Superman, Superman Prime one million is in the Sun charging up, Christopher Reeves Superman counts as a separate version from SA Superman so they both are in this fight.. Lois Lane and Lana Lang Have been killed in all DC Dimensions, superman is very angry and has nothing left to lose Who win's?

These are the Multiverse images of superman I have on hand, I'll add more as I come across some! Marvel is easy because I have ton's of Marvel Earth hero pictures with them all standing together. To get the best view of these images click them. if you have any suggestions please add!

Sodom Yat + Kryptonians+Mage Superman



In need of artists!

Hello fellow comic viners, I'll make this short and sweet. I have been playing around with some different ideas and concepts for some characters I've been creating for over 20 years. I've created quite a few of them actually but I have 3 main characters in my particular universe that I consider the most significant. Sadly I lack any firm drawing talent so my creations are trapped in my head, and I would love to see if anyone has the time and interest to do a few sketches for me. I have a good idea of how I want them to look, and I can easily explain their descriptions to anyone willing to partake in this small project. Of course I am open to suggestions and outside Input that any of you would be so gracious to offer and I would greatly appreciate. To see my creations brought to life would really bring a great measure of happiness, and if I could just get someone to assist me I think I'll be that much closer to creating a real good story line and maybe one day some of you will get to check it out. Thank you to all who have taken the time out to read this and consider it, I know people are busy and I don't want to tie up anyone's life with something that does not interest them. However if your interested in sketching my 2-3 characters please contact me, and I will in turn provide the details of their descriptions. Their names are as Followed , Donovan, Seth, Christian, Thank you all for your time!


Wolverine in the X-men anime Vs Wolverine in his own Anime...

This isn't a battle thread but i was just wondering if anybody else thinks he's drawn better in the X-men anime? I liked his anime but I can't lie I hated how he was drawn, everything else was passable but wolverine looked like a villian from cowboy beebop to me. Then I watch the X-men anime and he looks much cooler, why is that?


V Vs The Punisher

Here's how it goes....V journeys to New York City America in search of Larkhill employees who escaped and started new lives in the United States. He arrives and immediately begin's his work killing two of them in cold blood for what was done to him. The Punisher get's wind of what's been going on and locates files containing backgrounds of the former LarkHill employees and finds nothing associated with Larkhill or the conspiracy. These file have been redone and their connection to Larkhill experiments were covered up so that these employees can start a new. As far as the Punisher know's these people are innocent and he deduces that V deserves punishment.

Battle Guidelines for V

V has his six daggers and is equipped with a variety of homemade bombs and poison's as well as two contingency pistols.

V is aware that the Punisher is searching for him due to Frank trashing the underworld asking questions.

V has been in New York for 6 months and has prepared and thoroughly planned for any high level opposition.

V also has his breast plate armor on underneath his outfit.

Battle Guidelines for The Punisher

Frank is armed with 2 combat knives 5 grenades and a highly customized AA-12 with a grenade launcher.

Frank is also aware that V is expecting him due to a letter left for him at the scene of one of his victims telling frank that "if he truly believes punishment upon him is just, then let fate decide who is right and who shall obtain Victory!"

Frank has been tracking V for 3 months and has trained extensively for unarmed combat and Knife combat the whole time.

Frank is dressed in black ops gear with a light Kevlar vest

Punisher tracks V down to a parking structure, and stealthily enters to Punish his target, who wins and why?


SPOILERS! Did Anyone else catch tonight's episode of YJ?

I have got to say the very small cameo's in this show stomp Avengers EMH. I mean pretty much every episode you see another member of the League, and they look great. I even saw Plastic man, Guy Gardner, Captain Marvel, John Stewart and even Icon! That last one I could not believe, they actually showed Icon for like half a second and it looked real good. Also the villain's picked for the episodes are a nice touch, and they are also drawn very well with interesting takes but nothing too extreme. I count the Joker, Poison Ivy, Black Adam, just to name a few and some magical power houses. This episode was a good one, actually most of them have been good. This show is shaping up to be a very engaging and entertaining show filled with surprises and unpredictability. The cameos alone with the JLA defending the world in the background of the whole young justice show really adds to it for me. But that's just my opinion anyone else agree in some way?


Is Wolverine Rich?

I have noticed a lot of my fellow comic viners asking about how wolverine was able to fund his new School for the gifted. I myself had always assumed when a person lives as long as wolverine, he would have invested in something or set up a bank account. Was wolverine ever a paid Mercenary? I do believe he was well paid when he worked with LL&L, so my question is does wolverine have some kind of stash hidden that writers may have referenced at some point? I was always curious if Wolverine had any income, can someone fill me in if they know?



Let me come out and say first and foremost thanks to all who took  a sec to read!  Now to the point, you know what my beef is with battles is?  Feats yeah I said it feats.  I respect the need for prior knowledge in regards to opponents in a particular battle in order to deduce a suitable winner, however when the winners feats outweigh the losers by number and not by ability that's when I fall off.  My best example of this is anytime I see a Dr. Manhattan vs. anybody thread, now these puzzle me the most.  Sometimes I wonder why people even use Manhattan in battles when he only has about a book of feats.   
Now don't get me wrong, I myself did see potential for Cosmic-like (I said like) abilities in him, but based in a world that's primarily human where the greatest threat is a nuclear holocaust, I hardly see how your gonna see feats comparable to galactus or even silver surfer.  So not knowing what he can do because of his lack of feats is looked upon as if these are simply things he cannot do, when we don't fully know the scope of Manhattans powers.  Also we could never know because he's been in no positions to display them, and IMO one book simply isn't enough.  With so much emphasis on feats Dr Manhattan could be beaten by Happy Hogan in an Ironman armor. 
Just saying.......
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