Make a New 52 Dark Knight Returns.

The epic Frank Miller Graphic Novel, The Dark Knight Returns is one of the best Graphic Novels of all time, and changed the face of Batman for the better. With the addition of last months zero issues they are somewhat redoing Year One, is some ways at least. With the addition of Damian added the the batman family and batman future (Batman #666) we know that the Dark Knight Returns is not the future of Batman. We know Damian will someday take the Cowl but I want a story of Old Bruce coming back again. I would love to see Scott Snyder do a re-imagining of the classic tale that fits with the New 52 cannon.

What do you think of this idea?

Posted by Sydpart2

that it's terrible

Posted by CrimsonCake

I think it would be kind of redundant.

Posted by PortlandsBatman

@Sydpart2 said:

that it's terrible

Why do you say that? Don't want to rehash it? Or don't like future stories?

I also know that whatever future stories will never remain cannon forever, because things change all the time. But I still like what if stories like Returns, and Batman Beyond, and others.