Marvel's Scott Snyder

So whether you like him or not Scott Snyder is DC's star writer right now. He is put on something it sells. I love his stuff. But my question is; who is Marvel's Scott Snyder? Do they have a writer that makes people will pick up a book just because s/he wrote it?


Story arch length

How long do you like your stories? A one shots, 3-4 comics, 6-12 comics (like Scott Snyder), or the many many years method of Grant Morrison's Batman story?


Make a New 52 Dark Knight Returns.

The epic Frank Miller Graphic Novel, The Dark Knight Returns is one of the best Graphic Novels of all time, and changed the face of Batman for the better. With the addition of last months zero issues they are somewhat redoing Year One, is some ways at least. With the addition of Damian added the the batman family and batman future (Batman #666) we know that the Dark Knight Returns is not the future of Batman. We know Damian will someday take the Cowl but I want a story of Old Bruce coming back again. I would love to see Scott Snyder do a re-imagining of the classic tale that fits with the New 52 cannon.

What do you think of this idea?


Re-Readable stories

I have been reading comics and graphic novels for a little while now, but not every comic I feel has the ability or necessity of being reread. What comics/ graphic novels do you like to read over and over?

My favorites:

Court of Owls


All my Hellboy GN


Next Animated Batman Movie?

So I just watched Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1, and it was great. So part 2 comes out in the winter but what should they do next? I would love to see a movie of Knightfall, but it would take some serious editing to get it down to the time for 1 or even 2 movies. What would you like the next animated batman movie to be? Hush? Court of the Owls? Gates of Gotham?...


Dark Futures

We see so often in comics and comic based shows the dark futures of our heroes. Take Batman Beyond for instance, Bruce is old and all alone. Days of Futures past in X-Men is similar, everything has gone to hell, with many heroes dead and gone. So why is it that this is always the case? I think it is this way just because it tells a great story, but do we as readers really not want to see our heroes happy? Futures


Joel Schumacher

Many of us Batman fans dislike the Joel Schumacher batman movies. But the thing I don't understand is why is Batman and Robin the movie everyone always brings up, when Batman Forever seems to be far worse. Admittedly I am not a Jim Carry fan so that didn't help but I feel Batman Forever is worse. What about you?