Why You Should Read "The Green Team"

So DC recently came out with two new ongoing titles called "The Green Team" and "The Movement". I just finished reading the former of the two, and for an introductory issue this one already has me hooked and waiting for more. The comedy introduced by parody of modern day economic elite is a treat, yet the underlying potential of a story where Spoiled rich kids want "Something more" in their lives cannot be missed. Honestly, I'm tired of seeing DC cancel titles due to lack of sales, so please, pick this up and give it a try.

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Scott Lobdell Taking Action Comics

I'm sure it's no secret to DC fans that Action Comics was going to get a new creative team of Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel starting with issue #19. Unfortunately, Andy Diggle had to quit due to editorial issues, and Tony would take over for the first 3 issues. Now i have just been informed that Scott Lobdell, (current writer of Superman and Teen Titans) will take over Action Comics.... I'm not so happy about this, because i feel that Lobdell doesn't do a fantastic job with his current titles. What are your thoughts?


Is Batman too powerful?

Alright, hear me out.

I was recently watching an old episode of Batman the Animated Series, a show that is beloved, but dated by modern standards. In the episode Batman is taking care of some thugs who were making a "business deal" (not gonna get into details). When Batman fights a particular thug, a regular schmuck with no martial arts training, he gets the drop on Batman and even gets a few hits on him. He is even able to activate some sort of trap before Bats can stop him. Me with my modern Batman mind-set thought "What the heck? Batman would have thought of 10 different ways to stop the guy before he could even breathe!" This is due to modern interpretations of Batman where he is almost God-like in skill.

This vulnerability of the Bat, however foreign to me, was interesting because it was interesting to see Bats have a challenge that wasn't too huge. Then it made me think, is Batman too powerful nowadays? With his current level of skill, writers are constantly having to jump through hoops thinking of fantastic villains and story arcs that push Batman to his limits (Night of the Owls; Death of the Family) These story arcs are amazing, but eventually the gold mine will come up dry. What happens when no more crazy stories can be written? With Batman always learning from his mistakes, one day he will be practically omnipotent. I know he is just a man, but he is evolving into something more.

So, will Batman become so awesome that we can't make an interesting story anymore because he'll either beat the villain in minutes, or he'll get his butt kicked with no probable cause?

What Do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments please.

BTW, the episode was called "Feats of Clay Part 1 of 2"


Where is Martian Manhunter Going?

I have always been a fan of martian manhunter from when i watched the Justice League cartoon show as a kid. Recently he (spoiler alert) mind wiped the members of his team Stormwatch and is leaving to continue his own investigations. Where in the DCnU is he going? Wherever he's going i want to follow. Any thoughts?

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