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Thanks for the vote mate, and for good reasoning. Score: 1- 0

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You haven't provided any feats nor evidence that Cole's shock waves could keep Alex away from him nor prove any effectiveness against him at all bar the exception of the ionic powers, there's no evidence that I can recall that the ice is "sub-zero" so you'd need evidence of that claim plus he can't consume an ionic charge unless he defeats an enemy but going into an enclosed asylum would be his worst mistake. He'd be trapped against someone who will reach him in seconds and tear him to shreds. Cole has trouble with mobile opponents on a fairly regular basis, so there's no utmost cemented proof that he'd be able to keep up with Alex at all where as there's enough evidence to suggest that Alex could end the battle in a matter of seconds depending on how he'd want to do it.

Also,whats stopping Cole from conjuring a F-5 Ionic Vortex on Alex.

He'd be dead before he thought of doing so, given the fact that he wouldn't know what hit him once Mercer's fist connects with his face so you're out of luck suggesting Cole could pull anything significant out of his arsenal before he gets his skull crushed.

Whats also stoping Cole from using electromagnetism as an attack on Alex.

Alex being superior in everything actually considerable that's not based on assumptive arguments instead of some form of worthwhile evidence.

The Conduits haves the power output and the destructive force to wipe out The Prototypes.When Alex is dead it will be a 2 on 1 fight.

No they don't, where as on the other hand to be honest the Prototypes wouldn't even consider the Conduits a challenge at all considering how quickly they'd be knocked out plus their lack in physicals and speed to contend. I haven't even shown the Prototype's best abilities, but i'm not bothered with this anymore and i'm willing to cut to the voting as nothing significant has been said on your part nor any actual counter to my argument so this will be my finale albeit a lightly detailed one for reasons said. You can make another post if you wish, but after that it's time for the voting at this rate.

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Yeah, except I did terrible to be honest and Nick wanted a challenge so I accepted.

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@nickzambuto it's ready and let me know if you'd like anything changed, as of now like I said i'll be away for the most part of the upcoming week so I won't be able to post. As a result, you can take your time with the opening post and I can assure you a response by mid/late Friday.

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Goku was out flying around on Nimbus searching for animals to take home and roast, that was until he discovered an odd looking straw-hatted individual set up a campfire munching on the best deer in the vicinity for some reason. After hours of searching only to find someone else claiming the meat, outraged Goku flew towards Luffy and struck him in the face to no avail. Luffy turned around giggling to himself for a second, and thus...

Monkey D. Luffy:

Represented By - Nickzambuto:


Kid Goku:

Represented By - Pope052:

Location - Random Mountainous Area:


  • Summit War Saga Luffy, King Piccolo Saga Goku.
  • No Prep, nor Prior Knowledge.
  • Morals On, but both are extremely p!ssed at each other.
  • Win by Death, or KO.

Challenge a Viner Rules:

  • There's no interfering in the debate itself but if you must correct either of us on a point that cannot wait until the voting begins, please do so in a P.M.
  • Standard commenting/posting is perfectly fine.
  • As always, may the best man win.
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Except Cole's Frost Shield/Polarity Wall can only cancel out projectiles and that's something the Prototypes don't have at their disposal however their offensive abilities are the shield's vulnerability which is more than convenient to the Prototypes as blunt force is their primal means of output damage. I'll admit that Delsin's concrete armor is more useful and probably reduces damage he'll receive, however while in this form he can't maneuver greatly and constantly has to run to stay in the form but either way this isn't going to significantly protect him from metric tonnage strikes:

These type of lorry trucks weigh at approximately 7.5 Tonnes while completely loaded, and that's a little less than the force the Prototypes can dish out so essentially the amount of force you're up against here is roughly the same as the speeding mass of a lorry truck crashing into either of your character which I know for a fact, the Conduits can't handle.

Anyway defense is another strong advantage to the Prototypes, if either Conduit somehow manages to force either Prototype down to the point of regeneration (which would require them to use up basically all of their abilities), they'll activate their shields and armor whilst consistently regenerating at a rate of one percent per second. Couple that with the fact that their stamina is everlasting so they'll always keep coming for the Conduits which will overwhelm them eventually, the Conduits are out of luck without their Ionic/Signature abilities. Outdoors would be best for Cole if he means to do offense but he's on a limited supply of electricity, indoors would be best for Delsin due to the tremendous amount of resources he can absorb however he won't be able to perform his signatures well disregarding one completely too.

Either way, the Conduits can't stick conveniently fight alongside one another as either Cole or Delsin will be at a disadvantage where as the Prototypes don't need to rely on a source of feeding off unless they take significant damage but then again there's plenty of lunatics they can consume within the asylum.

In this post i will focus more on Delsin.Speed:Delsin can outrace both Alex and James in this aspect.Due to Neon manipulation he can light-dash at speeds beyond any human maximum speed and he can use this power to sprint up walls and obstacles. He can also speed-blitz your team. Mobility:With Video manipulation he can create wings for himself to fly and overcome obstacles.

I'd hoped you'd make the assumption that Delsin's light-speed run is faster than the Prototypes sprinting speed, because it's simply not as I have compared the two simultaneously for assurance and Delsin isn't blitzing the Prototypes if he can't hurt them to begin with, plus the fact that they've dealt with faster opponents than themselves such as Alex defeating leader hunters or James besting superior evolved.

To give you a better view of how excelling these two are in sprinting, here's a comparison to see that the Prototypes are faster Delsin's light-speed sprint (and also which Prototype is the faster one among the two and it's been proven that it's Heller). As you can see, the Prototypes sprint faster and can maneuver much better with the exception of Delsin's speed run being faster at running up buildings, but that's it and the Prototypes mobility make up for that slight inferiority.

Attacks: When using Neon he mades his chain rigid in a sword-like fashion and when using Video he creats a very powerfull digital sword. He haves the bloodthirsty blades,this attack is when he marks the target and summon three blades from the sky and the blades pursue the target,impaling the latter. He haves his karmic attacks that are the Radiant Sweep in wich he charges himself in Neon and then creates a massive explosion leaving nothing but flames and the Orbital Drop,when he desmaterilizes into three smoke ball and goes up in the air. Upon reaching a specific heigh he materilizes himself falling down and exploding into smoke and ember

I don't see how the neon blade would affect the Prototypes at all really nor outmatch the weaponry they can form with their biomass, that i'll get into detail about later. The video great-sword is powerful indeed, but they've handled forceful attacks from tremendously stronger opponents such as Hunters, Brawlers and Juggernauts so they'll be tanking hits from this without problems.

The blood thirsty blades are probably going to be slightly effective to the Prototypes and could certainly give Delsin some room to breath, however I don't see why they won't be able to deflect the swords with their shields but their own durability can handle the attack and then they'll proceed to get straight back up to sprint for Delsin. I've already been over the signature maneuvers, the Radiant Sweep is the only properly effective one that'll only succeed in diminishing the Prototypes to the point of regeneration at most but that's assuming Delsin could last that long for a start. The Orbital Drop is only usable outside, but there's only a couple of chimneys opposed to the goldmine of power in the asylum.

The Conduits aren't durable enough, fast enough and their attacks lack the sufficient force to keep the Prototypes off their backs and doing so would require a lot of their power so they'll require to use most of their energy which is inconvenient so they'll have to rely on their trump cards at the beginning of the fight in order to stand a chance, that of which the Prototypes have sufficient counters against. Thus the result, they'll get overwhelmed relatively fast due to being so physically/speedily outmatched coupled with their attacks lacking force but to achieve significance at all they'd have to be using up too much energy to plausibly spar with the Prototypes, even more so considering their better and best cards that haven't been played:

Shape-Shifting Abilities:

The Prototypes can manipulate their biomass in a variety of ways however probably the most prominent and volatile ways they can do it is by shifting their upper limbs into deadly weaponry ranging at deadly piercing damage to immense blunt-force trauma, the primaries are as follows (also if both Prototypes possess the same ability to roughly the same extent, i'll only post a link video for one of them):

  • Claws - They're pretty self explanatory, large razor-sharp claws replace the Prototypes hands that are used to slice and dice the opponent. Although these are almost completely ineffective against dense military armor, they're convenient for slicing through dense flesh on difficult opponents.
  • Whip Fist - A long sharpened tendril is formed on one of the Prototype's arms and is used to deal substantial damage to opponents while sustaining a safe distance. It's a highly overpowered ability that has been used to destroy helicopters in a couple of hits, and basically prevents any means of an opponent so this can be a highly defensive as well as offensive ability to put to use.
  • Blade - A deadly, five-foot long blade is formed on and completely replaces the Prototype's arms which deals devastating piercing damage to durable enemies as well as military armor too. It has an effective air slice maneuver, the Prototypes leap into the air and shoot to the ground slicing their blade through the victim and severely damaging tougher opponents depending on the level.
  • Hammer Fists - Different from the previous few piercing damage attacks, the hammer fists form the Prototypes fists into highly dense and heavy biomass blocks capable of destroying tanks in as little as a couple to three hits at most which can also be used in a variety of ways.
  • Muscle Mass - This ability is unique to Alex, it converts his arms into large black muscles and this doubles his strength and striking power capable of throwing cars at double the power for instance. Since Alex already hits with at least 5 Tonnes of force so he'd hit with 10 Tonnes using this ability.
  • Tendrils - This power replaced muscle mass and the ability is only usable by Heller, converting his arms into large black fists composed of tendrils that splatter opponents on impact. They have an intriguingly effective attribute that performs similar to a black hole, Heller latches the tendrils onto a target and multiples of that shoot out from the original pulling everything within the vicinity into it's center, often creating explosions and is convenient for killing larger opponents.

There's more to be said regarding the rest of the Prototype's abilities and trump cards, however this should be sufficient for this post so like I said I won't be able to reply again until Friday probably so it's your move Stealth.

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If I don't manage to post today as I have another post to do for a match up, I won't be able to post until next Friday but apologies for the late notice.

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Thanks, and did you mean "Magneto, Thor and Hancock" instead of two Thors? ;)