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I remember reading that comic. Each ring construct he made was through the actual Green Power Ring Sinestro wielded, and each ring drained the battery of his actual ring. If Vulcan drains his ring then Sinestro can’t make more like you said he would.

just went back and read it. you're right. Although do you realliy think they would be drained without them doing anything about it? I think their only chance is to do it immediately and pray that the draining doesnt take more than a second or two cause otherwise they'd have very powerful blasts raining on them.

I'll look for the other instance where Sinestro made rings and see if the same thing happened there.

I don't think Vulcan has to act right away. Vulcan was not one shot by gladiator. Vulcan had taken on the entire imperial guard and was casually knocking Gladiator around before Gladiator SUDDENLY "willed" himself to be impervious to the same blast that were just hurting him. And it was two punches to KO Vulcan. Also, Vulcan took 2 or 3 point blank blast from Black Bolt and continued to fight. If for some reason team 1 starts losing then Vulcan can shut down their bodies. Don't need to worry about the rings.

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I know I read comic books, love math and can't play sports.... but you guys are the TRUE definition of the word: NERD


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TOAA is human!!

Really? Does it say on panel he is a human or in a bio? Where did you get that info?

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I'm going to try to put my favoritism and bias aside and choose a winner based on feats and logic


I feel I failed at my attempt to be unbiased and fair...................just like Korra failed at being as good as the original show!!!

But in all honesty, if I possess such a thing, I think Korra is too strong and durable for Aang. He has a better shot in round 2 but I think she can still win a majority.

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Celestials are basically the persona of the Evolutionary Process....Scathan is a futuristic celestial.

Who knows the potiential they can evolve to??

One celestial has even evolved to reach heights of an aspect of TOAA (Fulcrum)

I thought humans would be the end of the evolutionary process? Meaning a human would be even more powerful then Celestials. Look at Mad Jim Jaspers, HOM Wanda, Hyperstorm. Aren't humans destined to surpass all other species? I will see if I can find where I read that

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@willpayton: @nick_hero22: i'm not an atheist nor a science major, so I have questions:

1) If you are not using science to support what you believe in then what are you using to support your point of view? Faith, assumptions, the famous "anything is possible" theory?

2) If you are not using science aren't you supporting the "anything is possible" theory?

3) What is a better tool to understand the universe then science?

4) What are some alternative tools to use in understanding the universe?

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@pooty: I think you could consider it a power all Celestials can use if even one other Celestials had ever used it besides Scathan. Based off panel feats, he appears to be the only one capable of doing it. Also, I would say the enchantment on Jangbjorn is semi pis and really served as a plot device for the whole storyline it played a major role in helping to create.

That's how I feel about the Celestial Harness. Something that came out of no where...used against one person.....one time...... and has not been seen since.

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@spambot: noted

@cosmic_reign: That is true but the Celestial harness was still able to contain Protege. Still, A Celestial harness, by name, should be an ability all Celestials have. And i'm not putting all Celestials above LT based on one ability. Look at THor's axe. It was SPECIFICALLY made to cut celestial armor yet it couldn't cut through Mjolnir. Sometimes a specific ability is what is needed.

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@pooty: The point is that all Celestials are vastly powerful. If you want to believe the only thing Scathan can do is put muzzles on people though then I am more than happy to let you believe that. Also, from what I recall Thane can do more than nullify Thanos, he can kill or destroy just about anyone with one hand and put people in a state of living death with the other. I would say that potentially does make him more powerful than Thanos.

all celestials are vastly powerful but so is LT. Scathan was able to do one thing that LT wasn't able to do. That does not ensure he is as powerful as LT in every way. As for thane we have not seen the limits of his power. Just because he can do that to Thanos does not mean he can do that to Galactus or The Beyonder. Potential does not equal reality.

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@pooty: I didn't say it did make him toaa. That is just what Protege said. Also, what do you think is the specific power that Scathan can nullify? Being an omniversal judge of the MU who can lock or destroy entire universes at will? That is a pretty nice power to have. I think its a given also that Scathan being a Celestial(if that's what he truly is) has powers which go far beyond what he showed in that issue. All Celestials have been mentioned prob over a 100 times in comics as having power that dwarfs that of some of the most powerful beings in the MU. 4 unnamed Celestials were able to merge and then one shot a Galactus who had just devoured 4 worlds.

I'm not saying Scathan can nullify a specific power. I'm saying his main specific power is to Nullify powers and/or pass judgement. As said, Leech was able to nullify Franklin. Thane was able to nullify THanos. That does not mean Leech or THane are powerful then Franklin or Thanos. That only means they have a specific ability that is useful in specific situation. Before I say Scathan is equal or above LT, I would have to see what his other powers are.