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@chimeroid: @pooty: From an atheist; Atheism is not a religion, if it were, not collecting stamps would be a hobby. I don't advocate on insulting religious people unless they are acting in a manner that deems it. I don't find that just because you are religious makes you somehow less intelligent. I am not on set of disproving god, I am set on finding credible objective evidence for god. I think it would be cool for some sort of afterlife where you are at peace, I get why people have this need to believe. But what I want to be true is not the same as what is true! Atheism is simply the lack of belief in a higher power. I don't know if there is a god or not, I have not acquired the knowledge to make a claim if one exists or not.

And again, the philosophy you describe here is actually Agnosticism or Agnostic atheism if you will. I know, tha Atheism is not a religion, but indeed a lot of people are acting as if it were. Just check 9gag comment section.. Or any of the massive number of forums online that have that.

When it comes to unicorns, are you 100% sure they don't exist? When it comes to unicorns would you be a believer, agnostic or atheist? I would be an atheist even though i can't 100% disprove that unicorns don't exist.

atheist have the position that there is no god. Just like theist have the position that there is a god. Yet neither side says they are 100% sure they know. You can have a position without being 100% sure.

There are a Billion atheist. Yet you say " alot of people are acting like atheism is a religion". IMO, "alot" would have to be atleast 30-40%. How many is ALOT in your opinion?

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stereotyping@chimeroid: . Look up the word atheist. You won't find one definition that says KNOWING there is no God. It says the DISBELIEF in God. Disbelief is not stating anything as fact. No atheist will say they KNOW there is no god.

There are dozens of people in my extended family. Would it be correct to label my whole family as thieves just because I steal?

Isis does not represent Islam nor it's teaching. They take a few passages out of context to fit their twisted agenda. And there are over 2 BILLION Muslim. So even if there are 50,000 terrorist, that is still a small percentage. Likewise there are over a BILLION atheist. How many of those are attacking religions? Again, we shouldn't label a group of BILLIONS by the actions of a few. That's stereotyping

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@chimeroid: Atheism has indeed become one of the religions of today. People are firmly set on disproving god, insulting religious people and believing in their intellectual superiority simply because they chose to say that there is no higher deity acting EXACTLY as those who believe in an invisible bookwriter from the skies

Being passionate about something does not make it a religion. Most definitions of religion involve the belief in a god or gods and adhering to rituals and commandments. Also, the extreme views and activities that a FEW atheist exhibit is not enough to call them a religion. That's like saying the few vocal members of ISIS represents Islam.

As long as you presume you KNOW anything about that subject you are not using logic at all.

Atheist don't do that. They don't presume to know everything. They admit that knowledge is always expanding. Atheist say that as of right now, there is no reason to believe in a God. They don't say they KNOW there is no God. again we shouldn't let the few zealots mislead us into thinking ALL or even most atheist are like that.

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@saint_sophie: no, the Bible clearly states he has his limits.

I feel bad i read it just to show christians how retarded it was sometimes.

Oh 12 year old me.

1 john 3:20 If our hearts condemn us, we know that God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything.

Psalms 139:7 Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? 8 If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there. 9 If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, 10 even there your hand will guide me

Psalms 139:16 Your eyes saw me when I was inside the womb. All the days ordained for me were recorded in your scroll before one of them came into existence

Jeremiah 32:17 Ah Lord God! behold, thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee:

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@chimeroid: now to continue, being an atheist (firmly believing there is no Deity) is as stupid to me as is being a religious person.. By all that there is one would have to argue that there has to be something out there, since the theory of atheists goes like thi

I'm going to disagree, my friend. I don't think being an atheist is as stupid as being a religious person...for a couple reasons.

1) I guess i'm a deist. I believe in a Creator but not a religious God. I think the conformity of the universe, life etc is enough to support the idea that their is an Intelligent Designer. But there is NO EVIDENCE to support that this Creator wrote a book telling me how to live my life. So while i may be naive enough to believe in An Intelligent Designer, i'm not naive enough to be religious. IMO, believing in a Creator is as reasonable as being an atheist. But being a Theist aka religious person, is less logical then being a deist or atheist.

2) Even if the Big Bang Theory is stupid or wrong, that does NOT support that idea of a God. This is not a case of "if one theory is wrong then the other must be right". There are other possible beginnings that could be the correct theory. But disproving one does NOT prove the other. As of right now, i can't think of any confirmed evidence to support the events of any religious God existing.

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@arcus said:

@xxxcarzellxxx said:

Ted lotus stomp . You have. A person who could curve and control combustion bending a lava bender who can turn anything bumi throws into amo . A crazy water ending AZula with killer agility and an airbender

curving combustion blasts isn't that spectacular-it's not like she can make them follow taragets or something, or she'd never miss or be blocked. Ghazan's powerful, but his raw power isn't equal to Bumi's. Aang's at least as agile as Ming Hua or Zaheer, and Bumi was casually toying with him

@lunacyde said:

Bumi loses. He's a great bender but on panel he never really faced anyone as skilled as the Red Lotus members one on one...let alone 4 v. 1.

I'd say Aang or Toph would count

When Bumi faced Aang and Toph, both sides were playing. They were basically sparring which doesn't give us a real idea of who is superior. Bumi has never faced anyone in a REAL FIGHT. And he's never met a lava bender. I would give Bumi the benefit of the doubt against one of them but FOUR is to many. They have youth and agility on their side also.

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@skyroid said:

Thanos without plot device is just a herald lvl powerful.

He needs plot devices his entire character been about getting ign, cosmic cube, HOTU.

LT stomps unless writers give him a plot device.

THanos is skyfather level. Just not Odin level. Thanos feats put him above most skyfathers including Zeus. Thanos can beat most heroes on his own. Only the most powerful beings can defeat him

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When the ungodly aka politicians act ungodly that is no surprise. But when the godly act ungodly by being greedy or materialistic, people will take notice. The shepherd getting rich off of the sheep is never a good thing

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@homicidalmaniac: I said Scott can't take the visor off. Also I thought the storm one would at least not be a stomp

Even without taking his visor off, scott and havok can shoot a continuous beam. his opponents have no defense against a continuous beam. Storm starts many battles with lightning. Kyoshi has no defense against that.

@pooty: well, looks like I f*cked this one up

Yep. But we've all f*cked up threads. no biggie

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Avatars Aang and Korra (Full AS and sozins comet) vs Ms Marvel and Female Thor

Avatar Kyoshi (Full AS and sozins comet) vs Storm

Iroh, Ozai, and Jeong Jeong (sozins comet) vs Hulk

Azula and Zuko vs Captain America

Ty Lee, Mai, Suki, and Piandao vs Black Widow

Red Lotus and White Lotus (sozins comet) vs The Fantastic Four

Combustion Man and P'Li vs Cyclops and Havok (can't remove visor)

Katara, Toph, Mako, and Bolin vs Red Hulk

Avatar Roku and Avatar Wan (full AS and sozins comet) vs Iron Man

Willing to kill