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@pooty: You tell me when Thor had trouble with Sentry

If it weren't for the small speed advantage, that flight would be meaningless

So Void basically. And Void not being used here.

You made the statement that Thor didn't have trouble with Sentry so it's up to you to prove that. But during Seige i can think of.

Flight means they can fight in the air where Hulk can't help thor. speed only adds to the flight advantage

No. that is Sentry. Sentry also used mm to bring his wife back to life. also when Void is talking they write Voids words differently. so that is all sentry.

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@pooty: He wasn't holding back Just Sentry was mentally unstable.

No Thor didn't.

Just Hulk's strength? How about Thor's as well with durability from both? Neither of Team 2 have a physical advantage other than speed which really isn't noticeable as they don't sport speed like Superman.

Double team (Kinky ;D lol) but not really though due to not really having that huge speed advantage.

Don't recall using Sentry using MM in battle

When did thor NOT have trouble with sentry? They don't need speed to double team. they have flight. as hard as these guys punch they will be out of range of Hulk in seconds. Sentry used MM in his battle with molecule man. And Sentry uses MM in all his fights. that is his power. that's how he does everything

I control the molecules of my world. that's how i do what i do. Now I can control it

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@pooty: A holding back Hulk didn't have trouble with Sentry.It was fairly evenish. Thor didn't either. Don't see how they won't when other than mainly speed, they really have no advantage. Neither Antiman or Sentry strike as hard as either Thor or Hulk.Who's MM? Thor and Hulk have worked together way more than Team 1 and know each others strengths and weaknesses so Thor can easily keep the fight to where Hulk can play the huge factor he already would here.Also don't recall Sentry using molecular manipulation in a fight either. The speed advantage won't be enough so Team 1 will wreck

Sentry was also holding back in that fight. He didn't run out of power, Hulk convinced him to Power down. Thor had trouble with Sentry. You say all team 2 has is speed but i see no advantage for team 1 except Hulk's strength which is negated by flight. Team 2 can at least double team while team 1 can't. and if needed Sentry can do mm(molecular manipulation). something neither on team 2 has an answer for.

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@pooty: Okay but that's all he has over Hulk.Blue Marvel lasted against an avengers team Hulk(Or Thor) would have little trouble against but as World Breaker, he'd take them down handily. King Hyperion wouldn't beat Hulk or Thor really either. Blue Marvel would get severely crippled by a simple hit from Thor or Hulk but a serious hit from them would down BM hard.Sentry hasn't used molecular manipulation in combat from what I remember and his speed wouldn't be much of a difference as neither Sentry or Blue Marvel sport speed like Superman to use properly in avoidance and blitzing that could take Team 1 down. Speed and flight is the only thing working for them but that speed advantage isn't huge nor that noticeable so Team 1 should wreck

Thor and Hulk had trouble with a mentally unstable Sentry in one on one fights. So i can't agree that they would make short work of a team that included Sentry. I also don't agree that either of them could cripple BM with one hit. If he can survive hits from antiman and sentry then he can survive hits from hulk/thor. MM can use Molecular manipulation whenever he likes. If he gets desperate enough he will use it. With flight they can keep the fight away from Hulk and double team Thor. Then take down Hulk. also BM has used his powers in very creative ways. with him coaching Sentry, i say team 2 wins.

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@pooty: Blue Marvel will not last against Thor or Hulk.Sentry can be taken out by either of Team 1

He can avoid Hulk. Hulk can't fly. BM lasted against Sentry with the entire avengers team and King Hyperion. BM stated that KH hits harder then Sentry but BM still beat him. So BM can last long enough. Sentry's molecular manipulation and speed beats anything team 1 can do.

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@comicninjax: you haven't killed anything, Ghost and Acid have basically killed any Hulk doubters. Go check out one of their Hulk appreciation threads

I think Hulk could beat any of these people in a physical fight. But what can he do against molecular manipulation?

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@thetrauminator: @master-danny: @erkan12: Haha you guys are hilarious. The OP said stable minded sentry. According to his comics, a stable minded sentry equals omnipotent. At full power power he would wreck the other team. An unstable, pre molecule manipulating, sentry stalemated WW hulk. The Sentry now would of destroyed him. The Void would of killed him. Team two takes this fight very quickly.

On comicvine most people take actual feats above statements. according to statements hulk has unlimited strength. So Sentry being said to be omnipotent doesn't prove much. That said, a stable minded Sentry might solo team 1. He has greater speed then any of team 1. He has flight which Hulk doesn't have. But the biggie is molecular manipulation. He has used it a few times. and if you look at post 24 you'll see BM can hold his own also

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I also like the story of Jonah. Jonah tried to run from God. God was like " N!gga, are you serious??!! And then had a whale swallow him!! lol

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@roddy010: No I meant nit picking. that's what we say in my area. You ignore that job had every right to question God. God gave satan permission to kill jobs children and torture him. That makes God just as responsible as satan. If you give God credit when he allows good to happen, give him credit when he allows bad to happen.

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@roddy010: Again, I don't think God is a monster. I say he is good and bad just like everyone else. Have you ever thought that your bias makes you insist on seeing God as always good? I can admit that God has done good. Can you admit he has done bad? If you can't then you are bias. still job was already faithful to God BEFORE the trials. Job had never seen God so he was already following God by faith. You can nitpic and make excuses but everything i said is supported by the Bible. It's ok if you believe but don't try to use certain parts of the Bible just to help your bias that God is all good then completely ignore the whole story.